10 Bil Dmg Disgaea 5

New to Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance? No Issue With this Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance guide you will learn the game in no time. I know for new beginners find it bit confusing but trust me once you're good the game mechanics and feature you will take no time to understand the gameplay. To make it quick here are the 10 best Tips for Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance.

Without any further ado let's begin with the Beginner tips for Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance.

10 Bil Dmg Disgaea 5

Disgaea 5 Complete is a strategy RPG that offers hundreds of hours of over-the-top, award-winning gameplay, and marks the first time the core game is available on-the-go. New to Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance? No Issue With this Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance guide you will learn the game in no time. Here are 10 best tips for Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance.

Tip 1:
Using a Healer to clear the damage is easy but you get rewards from hospital to get healed. It also depends on how much you heal, Sp heal and revives you get during the healing. At the end of every battle, you can find a couple of high Hp units and let them fight, but it doesn't really matter as the healing still count in the hospital. The Revives can be easily obtained by tossing Prinnies or killing yourself over and over again.


Tip 2:
Try to obtain the Evilities as much as you can from the start as you'll be going to need them to increase the Exp and getting Mana first and then on the other characters. Do not forget these to collect as they are very important as you progress in the game.

Tip 3:
In Every Map, you need to plan your strategy. For your information, the Overlord skills can be used only once per map. So if your revenge meter is full again, you cannot use the Balor Gaze again. So just plan and move ahead.

Tip 4:
Either you use it or you don't, you should always need to keep your units advanced and ready for the battle. So make sure you keep all your units upgraded and the one you think are useless then send them to the research things.

Tip 5:
The Gameplay is all about how you fight and return. So if your are wondering on saving some SP then please do not be afraid to give your max in one battle, as this is what the game is all about. The same for the Magi-change. Just Give your best and for the conservative part you should take care about the SP in the item world, there Sp doesn't recover until you reach the 10th floor so better stay active.

Tip 6:
In the Pocket Netherworld, there is three treasure chest per chapter. The Items you find in the cheat may not be as strong as you think, but you can make some extra cash with them. To get one High up you can try pressing the circle to jump.

Tip 7:
You can also upgrade your squads with the units you capture during the battle. you need to go to the Squad Shop and Press square to spend the prisoners unit to upgrade into whatever type of squad you want. Make sure you have assigned a Capture Squad to use the Capture Though.

Tip 8:
To Win the Battle you need to make a proper position for your units/squads. For the start, the attack with just 4 members is great but it can also lead to some AOE counter. So I Suggest spreading the units at the end to avoid the blast with BS.

Tip 9:
Don't be in a hurry to upgrade the weapons or armors if your out of money. If you have you sure do it but did you know that once the item world is opened you will be flushed with money. In Item world above the 10-25 floor, the money you earn will be double or triple the cash you earn in the beginning so just have patience.

Tip 10:
You will unlock the new recruitments in the side quest but till then you can set a subclass to any of your main characters at the assembly. So Enjoy.

10 Bil Dmg Disgaea 5 Pc

I hope this guide was useful and if you have anything to add do let us know in the comments below.

0001:Dietician [add hp]
0002:Master [add sp]
0003:Gladiator [add atk]
0004:Sentry [add def]
0005:Tutor [add int]
0006:Physician [add res]
0007:Marksman [add hit]
0008:Coach [add spd]
000B:Muscleman [add atk + hp]
000C:Sprinter [add atk + spd]
000D:Nerd [add int + sp]
000E:Hard Worker [add atk + int]
000F:Patient [add def + res]
0010:Pugilist [add atk + hit]
0011:Sniper [add hit + spd]

[ Status Attack ]
0015:Alchemist [poison atk]
0016:Hypnotist [sleep atk]
0017:Witch Doctor [paralysis atk]
0018:Amnesiac [amnesia atk]
0019:Drainer [weaken atk]
001A:Shrinker [shrink atk]
001B:Charmer [charm atk]
001C:Professional [critical atk]

[ resistance ]
0029:Pharmacist [poison res]
002A:Coffee Maker [sleep res]
002B:Medicine Man [paralysis res]
002C:Psychologist [amnesia res]
002D:Toxicologist [weaken res]
002E:Expander [shrink res]
002F:Pastor [charm res]
0033:Firefighter [fire res]
0034:Aeronaut [wind res]
0035:Cryophile [water res]
003D:Boxing Coach [fist res]
003E:Fencing Coach [sword res]
003F:Spear Teacher [spear res]
0040:Archery Coach [bow res]
0041:Marksman Coach [gun res]
0042:Lumberjack Coach [axe res]
0043:Staff Twirler [staff res]
0044:Monster Trainer [monster res]

[ other ]
0047:Broker [more money]
0048:Statistician [more exp]
0049:Manager [more mana]
004A:Instructor [weapon mastery]
004B:Mentor [skill faster]

[ Unique ]
00C9: 45 Degree Angler [rec stat when atk]
00CA: Watermelon Smasher [atk 1]
00D3: Utiliarian [end turn = rec sp 5%]
00D4: Habitual Licker [25% atk to target sp]
00D5: Lover Therapist [25% charm atk]
00D6: All Digger [dmg +30% when behind]
00D7: Rubber [atk = cure target]
00D8: Howler [50% paralysis atk]
00D9: Mana Robber [inc 10% mana when atk]
00DA: Wuss [dec physical dmg 20%]
00DB: Blood Pumper [when hp 30%, atk inc 30%]
00DC: Spear Fisherman [rec 3% when atk]
00DD: Sand Thrower [reduce target HIT 50%]
00DE: Gourmet Chef [rec 30% hp when kill]
00DF: Kinder Gardener [dec dmg 10%]
00E0: Berry Picker [team atk 100%]
00E1: Balanced Dieter [all res weapon = 0]
00E3: Rainbow Warrior [inc all res except star]
00E4: Mogul [bonus gauge +5%]
00E5: Hostage Negotiator [surender +30%]
00E6: Watersport Athlete [water element dmg +20%]
00E7: Secret Spice Chef [inc 1 stat by 10%]
00E8: Tag Champion [atk = target 1 hp]
00E9: Incubator [mr egg 5%]
00EA: Slide Tackler [target mov -1]
00EB: Punisher [reduce 1/3 hp]
00EC: Sweet Tempter [end turn = rec hp 5%]
00ED: Cat Burglar [30% steal]
00EE: Chalkboard Scraper [25% status atk]
00EF: Sumo Wrestler [inc monster ally atk 10%]
00F0: No. 1 Man [inc 1% stat]
00F1: Bug King [throw range +1]
00F2: Juicer [become target atk]
00F3: Homeopathic Healer [dec target atk 30%]
00F4: Flyer [mov = fly]
00F5: Boomerang Hunter [no target]
00F6: Pacifier [25% shrink atk]
00F7: Burner [fire atk]
00F8: Blower [wind atk]
00F9: Freezer [water atk]
00FA: Revenge Booster [start with 20% revenge]
0134:Overcloker [mov = fly + fast