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If you are looking to clean your mac from the virus manually it will be very cumbersome and time-consuming affair. Here we will highlight the 4 best Mac cleaners of the year 2017 that are very effective to control all the viruses that may affect your Mac. It is the best Mac cleaner available in the market. It works well with all Mac. Top 11 Best Mac Cleaner Apps and Optimization Utilities 1. Smart Mac Care. This is the best Mac cleaner software. As manual decluttering eats lots of time & effort, you need a dedicated optimization tool that helps you clean out unwanted clutter instantly and free up your disk space. Smart Mac Care is one such cleaning app that offers a plethora of advanced features & powerful tools to effortlessly improve your machine’s performance. Why Choose Smart Mac Care To Optimize and Clean Your Mac?

Best Mac Cleaning Software

Use CleanMyMac & make your Mac cleaner and faster within few clicks.

Being a genuine and loyal Apple products follower, I sometimes tend to do some kiddish things.

Like I often come across situations where I laugh at the Windows users for doing regular disc scans of their devices.


... the reality is that just like any machine, Mac also requires some maintenance to run at peak efficiency.

You, like any other user, want to keep your Mac in high-class condition and free from any unnecessary files that might be taking up space on your hard drive.

And why this happens?

We keep doing a lot of work on our computers. Downloading or uploading videos, saving photos from other devices, music files and what not we do on our Macs.

Eventually the stress we put on our Mac takes its toll, and then a magic app is needed to show some Tender, Love, Care towards our valuable Mac.

To give back the Love that Mac shows us, we can’t do much but keep it clean and healthy.

For this, there are an ample number of apps out there that claims to clean your device and get rid of the junk that is making it slow/lag.

For the confused souls out there, we at TheMacBeginners bring you a detailed review of the new version of MacPaws’ baby, CleanMyMac 3.

I toppled across this great tool a little while ago and was flabbergasted seeing how efficiently this works.


If you’re the one among people who doesn’t give a darn to any app apart from downloading movies, then you must be wondering why is she blabbering things.

So let me enlighten you with what exactly this “magical tool” does to your Mac.

CleanMyMac Description

CleanMyMac is an app that cleans, optimizes and maintains your Mac, by scanning your entire system and helping you to remove gigabytes of junk in a matter of minutes. It is a utility application developed by MacPaw for the Mac OS X operating system.

It is a very successful Cleaner App for Mac OS X for very long time, and they have made this brilliant app more powerful by some tweaks and new technology additions to make it compatible with OS X 10.10 Yosemite as well.

CleanMyMac 3 is no different from its previous versions.

It also capes itself around a sequence of tests and amenities and works to remove generally unused, developer-oriented, marginal and stoppage files associated with your most commonly used applications that take up available disk space.

The first and the foremost question one may ask is that:

Why do we need to keep our Mac clean?

Well, the answer is simple.

Best free mac cleaner

Some people will say that all the cleaning utilities are a more or less a waste of time and aren’t necessary. To some extent, this statement is correct. Cleaning unnecessary things do take a lot of time. Adding to that, there are always some files and data left behind.

You’d be surprised to know that how much space you can free up using an app such as CleanMyMac and how much better your Mac will perform afterward.

For anyone out there, who was looking for a detailed review of CleanMyMac 3, here is the across-the-board stuff.

Why this??

We all Mac users know that how efficient is the Apple OS X. The out of the box kind of security and stability of this app makes it the best operating system.


... do you know when the problem occurs?

When you install third-party apps, and it brings along with it much-unwanted utilities.

These gatecrashers slow down the performance of our computers. To avoid it, one definitely should have a cleaning application installed in the devices.

I’ve earlier written a detailed view of whether you need Virus protection for Mac, which I think you may be interested to read.

CleanMyMac performs as the medicine to your Mac. It detoxes the unwanted things from the system.

The selection of available salient features of CleanMyMac 3 has grown to add advanced tools like an uninstaller, general maintenance, online privacy functions, and file shredder to its previous collection of tests.

One according to his need can customize all the tests mentioned above.

Above all, this version comes with a gorgeous layout interface; which was missing in the earlier versions.

Generally, the mindset of the people is that these various cleaning apps for Macs are a con. And with this thinking only, they’re afraid to buy or install such application in their devices.

But just for once, let me ask you to still that thought in your minds.

The people, who are already using the earlier versions of this tool, including me, will say in affirmative about how legitimate this product is.

Till now, around 5 million downloads have been there of this tool. Reputable and big sites like MacWorld and Tucos has also recommended using CleanMyMac 3.

So, now that you have a clear mind about what this app is, without any much ado, let’s discuss the salient features of this beauty.

Using this app is easy as pie.

Let me first give you a glimpse of the features, or should I say the new features of this tool.

A Peek

The app does a scheduled and safe cleaning of the Mac. This doesn’t consume much time and also doesn’t affect the functionality of Mac.

It provides the option of uninstalling multiple irksome apps with a mere click that are no longer in need.

It also peps through your photo folder and deletes the redundant versions of the photos present.

Now, after this brief intro, let me give you a detailed view of why this app has been stuck in my mind…

CleanMyMac 3 Review

CleanMyMac has espoused an exquisite and easy to use interface that makes it attractive to the eye.

Each function is given a concise account of its work. This gives the user sufficient info prior to whether click that option or not.

On opening the application, one is welcomed by this screen.

A scan button is given in the “Smart Cleanup” feature for a complete scan of your device. It does an automatic analyzing of your Mac and cleans it.

This Smart Clean-Up is very efficient. After the first scanning of my Mac only, it cleared up to 3 GB of unnecessary files.

Frankly, I didn’t felt an increase in the speed, but the freed up space was worth.

System Junk

The next feature in the application is “System Junk.

It cleans the unimportant localizations, vacant language files, old records, other cache files and damaged application data amongst extra things.

Photo Junk

The “Photo Junk” option does a scan through your photo library and deletes the duplicate and unwanted photos. This frees up a huge space that can be used for new files.

Mail Attachments

The new features in this version, “Mail Attachments” and “iTunes Junk” also do a great job.

The former feature shows you all the attachments in your mail that you have sent or received till now. You have the option of selecting them and deleting if required.

Just make sure that you have the backup of those files.

Try these 5 best Backup solutions for Mac.

The latter feature that I have mentioned cleans the iTunes data.

Sometimes, we tend to cancel the files that are still downloading.

These partial files remain in the iTunes memory. This feature helps in cleaning those files and boost up much space.

Trash Bin

Next is the “Trash Bin” feature.

This is not some extraordinary one according to me. It just scans the main trash of different folders and gives you the option of keeping or deleting it permanently.

Large and Old Files

My favorite feature is “Large and Old Files.

It gives a scan of the files that are taking huge space. This also includes the files that are ignored by you since a long time. You get an option of reviewing those files before deleting.

Other than these features, CleanMyMac 3 also supports some utilities, just like its previous versions.

Tools like Uninstaller, Maintenance, Privacy, Extensions and Shredder, are there in the Utilities section.


Uninstaller” is the best one among them.

2017 Mac Computer

What it does is to simply uninstall the app that you don’t need. This deletes every small file related to that app.

What you need to do is to select the files that you want completely deleted. I had many such files present on my Mac since I don’t know, from eternity, I guess.

For instance, I selected an app named Camtasia 2 and just clicked Uninstaller.

Voila! My unwanted application was disappeared under a microsecond.

Maintenance and Privacy

The two new given utilities in this version are “Maintenance” and “Privacy.” You can resolve any issue you’re facing by choosing various tasks present on the Maintenance option.

It basically improves your disk and search performance and further resolves application blunders.

Maintenance Scripts

If you want to remove temporary items or rotate system logs; then you need to run the maintenance scripts.

Mac Cleaner For Free

Flush DNS Cache

Sometimes, the cache is necessary to be reset immediately. Then the option of running Flush DNS Cache comes handy.

Speed Up Mail

The option of Speed Up Mail helps in increasing the slow searches within mail application. It is recommended to use this option occasionally.


The privacy option clears up the cookies, caches, history, etc. from the storage. You can also delete your messaging history from this tool.


The tool named “Extensions” helps you to find any add-ons that might be present on your browser or applications. It disables your widgets, applications or login items.

There are many extensions in our system that are of no need. They can be sorted by name or count and then removed according to need.


If you’re looking for a magic tool to remove all the unwanted folders quickly without leaving even a dash, then “Shredder” is the chosen one for you.

What is easier than installing an app with high Internet speed?

Of course to uninstall them using Shredder. The files are unable to recover if deleted with the help of Shredder.

My Personal Views About CleanMyMac

I will harangue the readers to certainly use this mindboggling app, as this is the best system optimizer for the Macs. I never thought there would be so many gigabytes of rubbish lying in my system, but CleanMyMac 3 surely enlightened me.

My favorite app just keeps getting better. If you genuinely want to reduce your system and application errors, then this MacPaw’s baby is the right solution for you. The only con that I’ve managed to find till now is that this app needs to be renewed after six months.

The combination of different functions into a single app is a great deal which one should not take much time to grab. The average user finds around 50 GB of likely junk that is to be cleared out from the system.

Best Mac Cleaners

Just run this app once a week and you’ll be amazed finding how much well organized your device is working than before.

Though this app is in the field with other apps such as MacKeeper and has tough competition, still it already is one of the favorites of people and this version will also certainly be able to rule their hearts.


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Overall value for this tool is worthy of your time, money and also your Mac. All you tech savvies out there, go and check out this beauty here.

Write to us in comments whether we are alike minded ones in praising CleanMyMac 3.

  • Reviewed by: TheMacBeginners
  • Last modified: July 31, 2017

How can we fix and clean up clutter on our Mac? What are the best applications to keep our hard disk tidy? How can we recover space on the hard drive? All these questions often appear very frequently when we want to use our Mac 100%, that is why there are Mac cleaning programs that can help us to have the best Mac without any inconvenience.

Macs are very good at not leaving clutter when uninstalling applications, but it is possible that something is always left in the cache folders or in the application support folder, this is something we can avoid, but it happens frequently more frequently than There are traces of what we eliminate. There are many programs that duplicate information without our realizing it. How can we clear our hard drive of everything we do not need?

Best Mac Cleaner in 2017

There are many Mac cleaners on the market can help you clean up Mac system. Which one is the best in 2017? For me, AweCleaner for Mac is the best Mac cleaner in 2017 because it offers full cleaning solutions to keep my Mac in health.

First of all, it can help me find and remove all junk files including system junk, app junk, email junk, trash junk, etc. It can deeply scan the system and find every byte of junk file in the Mac. I can clean up all junk files by only 1 click. With AweCleaner for Mac, I can regain my disk space on Mac.

Another tool in AweCleaner that can become your ally is Duplicate Finder: The Duplicate Finder, it is an app that helps you to find duplicate files on your Mac. Detecting duplicate and similar files that can be found on your Mac and helps you remove them. It is also a very visual program and very simple to use. In a few minutes you will discover all the duplicates and give you the option to delete them. You will be surprised of the amount of files that you have duplicated in your Mac and with this application all will be eliminated without any inconvenience and with much facility.

You can count on the help of uninstaller to clean your Mac, this is a tool that allows you to quickly uninstall applications along with your system files. It will also surprise you. Did you think that by putting the programs you want to delete in the trash they disappear completely and are uninstalled? It is not as true as you thought, they always leave behind many configuration files and caches. This app helps you find all those files when erasing an app from your Mac with all the pleasure and without problem forever.

Best Free Mac Cleaner

AweCleaner for Mac has many wonderful features for Mac cleaning. For example, it can help you permanently shred files on your Mac, and it also can help you format a hard drive under Mac OS. Moreover, it can help you quickly free up memory to speed up your slow Mac. Just free download it now.

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