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BGVP gave it their all to provide a near complete package with the DMG, with a wide array of tips available along with a well-designed cable to pair with their sturdily built shell. The only thing the BGVP DMG lacks is a case to store it away. Everything else is included: there is an SPC cable with MMCX connectors on one end and a 3.5 TRS jack on the other, plus a boatload of eartips including three pairs of foam tips and six pairs of single-flanged silicone tips. Oct 10, 2018  The BGVP DMG has an impedance of 18 Ohms and a sensitivity of 108dB. This means it’s very easy to drive and does not require any extra amplification and thus works fine straight out of a phone or low-powered DAP. Aug 29, 2018  This is my review on the BGVP DMG 6 Driver IEMs Earphones were tested with my dell inspiron 7559 and my IPhone 6 using primarily high quality audio bitrate 320Kbps files and FLAC BGVP DMG.

Recently, the head-fi world has witnessed successive ripples and awe from Chinese headphones. The Chinese are very know how to attract attention with their “anonymous” names. Beautiful design, high-end finishing, excellent sound quality and most importantly, the price that makes all the major brands cry because it is the formula to kill a series of audiophile brands of Chi- Fi. And today, we will learn about such a headset – BGVP BMG.

A little bit about the BGVP brand

I used to be quite proud of my knowledge of Chinese audio industry, but before BGVP BMG appeared on the table, I had never heard of this company. After doing a few small studies, I also found a little bit of information.

Unfortunately, the company website does not contain any lines of development history. All I know is that they come from Guangdong, China and are present in many parts of the world through e-commerce sites like Taobao, Aliexpress or even Amazon. BGVP produced many IEMs and had Earbuds before the launch of BGVP BMG.


The box is pretty nice, relatively compact. What the front you can see then, the back will be a little procedural information about the specifications as well as the manufacturer.

Open the paper box and we have another paper box, which is stronger and more sturdy.


Inside the box, in addition to headphones we have:

Bgvp Dmg Review 2017

9x pairs of silicons tips

1x pair of sponge tips

2x filter tune sound

1x silver MMCX cable with non-mic version (black with mic version)

1x Clothespin


I do not understand how an anonymous company like BGVP can complete such a beautiful housing. If this housing was plastic, there was nothing worth saying. The entire housing is made of metal (aluminum-magnesium alloy) with lots of curves and rounded points. The housing surface is powder coated very smoothly. Even the housing edge of the housing is very seamless and tight. It is not easy to create a metal housing that has a tough surface with such high accuracy.

The exhaust pipes on BGVP DMG is designed as a removable module similar to the high-end AKG headphones. All these exhaust pipes are also made from metal with extreme precision.

There will be 3 different options:

– Black: original sound, balance without adding or subtracting

– Yellow: improve bass range, increase bass

– Silver color: improve the high tonal range for those who like treble

The included conductor part is quite well made. The inner core uses silver-plated single crystal copper, 5N purity (99.999%) should also be temporarily trusted. Depending on the version you choose, the conductor will have a different outer shell. The version has a black wired mic and the wireless no-mic version. I personally prefer the mic-less cord because it shows the inner core and it also avoids interference through the microphone.

The cord feels very soft and comfortable. Earhook is also soft, not stiff. The metal connector and 3.5mm connector pins are rugged. Temporarily can be assured of this bundled conductor. In my opinion, if possible, upgrading other wires is still a good thing to do.


It is true that BGVP BMG was suspected of cheating on the number of drivers inside when the company announced it. Some reviews I also see they sprung out the housing to verify whether BGVP has 6 drivers as the company announced or not.

The suspicion here comes from the driver cluster that the company calls Graphene Coaxial Double Moving Coil.

As you can imagine, a dynamic driver is composed of a coil core attached to a driver and will have a separate signal channel to vibrate this driver. According to the announcement, BGVP uses special technology, combining two drivers into a single cluster, which is nearly the same size as a traditional dynamic driver but has 2 drivers, 2 coil cores and 2 channels separate signals in it.

In my opinion there is a debate about the configuration issue where the sound quality is ignored as a mistake because not every driver is good.

This dynamic driver cluster is responsible for reproducing the bass and subwoofer bands of the headset. The other two sound bands are handled by 4 other BA drivers. Cluster of 2 Knowles 10006 drivers for mid & high range and 2 Knowles 31736 drivers for Ultra-high range (or treble). They are all customized by BGVP.

The system of these drivers is controlled by a crossover circuit that the company introduces is extremely high accuracy and up to 4 audio channels. In audio design, the crossover circuit is an extremely important thing, the backbone of the speaker system. The same configuration of drivers, drivers and sound boxes is the same, but if the wrong crossover can kill the beauty of expensive systems. Of course the inverter will have to be calculated completely.

Anyway, in the price range of less than $150 that we have 4-channel crossover, one of the most complex crossover design is a good thing.


Once you’ve chosen the right tips, the BGVP DMG’s custom-driven headphones design will fill your ear canal, making it difficult to fall apart. Housing is also not too big so it can fit with different ear sizes.

The earhook is soft and the strap is quite light for a very good feeling. The phenomenon of microphonics is almost negligible.

Soundproofing capacity of BGVP DMG is quite good. Generally, when you turn on the music, very little noise can enter and ruin your listening experience.

where can you get a BGVP DMG online


No matter how high-tech, a headset whose sound doesn’t touch the listener’s emotions will be judged bad. But human emotions are different, there will be good or bad compliments. Therefore I will still boldly go into the detailed sound quality of BGVP DMG according to my personal assessment.

BGVP DMG has sound quality that makes me go from surprise to enjoyment. I’ve always liked headphones that are a little bit warm. BGVP DMG has very clean, tidy and warm sound. If there was a word to describe it would be FUN. Test on all 3 filters showed that the difference is not too significant. Therefore, I will only use black filter to evaluate the sound quality in detail.

Bass range:

BGVP DMG clearly emphasizes the bass range, especially mid-bass and Upper-Bass. BGVP DMG’s sub-bass is quite good, just enough but it seems not very neat. The mid bass range is quite good, full of energy and very dynamic feeling. Although it is pressed but quite fit but not too far, neat and quite natural type. Upper-bass really makes me excited. Extremely natural and have a good opening in both quality and quantity. In a nutshell, BGVP DMG’s bass is very good, sounds quite fun, sure and neat release, above average, there are only a few weak points in the sub-bass only.

Mid range:

The mid range is warm but slightly back. Just a little bit, not too much. Because the upper-bass band is pressed, the low-mid band sounds very warm. The high-mid section has an unimpressive opening. The singer’s voice is moderately thick and very natural. Not dry, not too technical nor too colorful. BGVP DMG can play both male and female voices well. In the end, the mid range of BGVP DMG has fulfilled its role. Not the best tonal range, but it’s not bad at all.

Bgvp Dmg Review List

Treb strip:

The treb band once again made the name of BGVP BMG glow. Dual-BA in this negative range has done very well its task. Adjectives to describe this sound range include: clean, clear, brittle … If you have ears that are too sensitive to this sound range, you may find it a bit jarring for me. It makes the music much more fresh.


Fortunately BGVP BMG has a wide soundstage. Horizontal is good and depth is decent but not very good. Anyway, the feeling is still very airy, no secret to hear. The position of the instruments in the space is very accurate. The singer’s voice in the middle front. The guitar sound is on par with the singer. The drums and the cymbal are in the back. Maybe a little more layers would be better, but that is more than enough in the price range of BGVP DMG.


After all, BGVP BMG deserves praise from you as well as many other listeners who have ever owned them. Excellent appearance and finishing. Warm sound and very playful, vibrant. There is nothing to blame BGVP DMG in its price range.

BGVP BMG is a true mixed headset, you can enjoy any kind of music through this headset. Check it out and if possible, own it. The best P / P headset in the price range of less than $150.

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