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The most relevant program for Download counter strike 1.6 full offline is Counter-Strike 1.6. Get a free download for Game software in the specialized download selection. How to Download ‘Counter Strike 1.6’ on PC (Windows 10/ 8/ 7/ Laptop/ Computer): Click on My Apps System Apps Google Play Store. How to Download ‘Counter Strike 1.6’ on Mac OS: Click on the Search icon and type the ‘Counter Strike 1.6’ and then click on the Search using Google Play.

Important warning for CS 1.6 download! By downloading Counter strike 1.6 Setup, you are claiming that you own the original Steamed CounterStrike 1.6 game. CS 1.6 copy downloaded from this website is just a copy for your personal use.
If you don't have the original steamed counter strike 1.6 game please leave this page. Just don't download mirror non-steam Counter-Strike 1.6 game copy.
You can download CS1.6 for any operating system (CS1.6 v44, v42, v48 for all versions of windows, linux, mac etc.). Get it from our website absolutely for free and without any advertisement's or unwanted application's! If you want to download CS 1.6 for specific operating system just read our articles and follow simple instruction's which is in articles.CounterStrike 1.6 download mirror options: it's compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems.
Click to expand and read about game main features:

  • + Game is free to play
  • + Offline gamemode
  • + Fully free
  • + Game release date
  • + It cost no money
  • + All game versions
  • + Steam bots
  • + Game revenue
  • + Game age

  1. This is full Counterstrike 1.6 client. This client don't have any adverstiments.
  2. This Counter-Strike 1.6 client is protected from modification of the game files (Slowhack - CS game files changes, without the player's consent).
  3. To this CS 1.6 setup file we added bot's (CPU player's) for singleplayer game mode.
  4. This Counterstrike client have fully working server's browser. This feature will help you to find alive cs1.6 game servers.
  5. This game version is optimized for the highest frames per second (fps) for best gameplay quality. Counter setup files don't have any bugs. It have classic skin's (models), maps, sounds, objects and fully working rampage masterserver.

Follow csdownload instructions:
  • GE: თუ გსურთ პირდაპირ ჩამოტვირთვა Counterstrike დააჭირეთ ღილაკს: ↓
  • GR: Αν θέλετε να κατεβάσετε άμεσα CS1.6 Κάντε κλικ στο κουμπί: ↓
  • TR: Orijinal CS1.6'yı doğrudan indirmek isterseniz Tıklayın: ↓
  • EE: Kui soovite algse CS allalaadimise otse klõpsata: ↓
  • IT: Se si desidera scaricare direttamente Counter-strike direttamente Fare clic: ↓
  • MK: Ако сакате да го преземете оригиналниот Counter-strike директно кликнете: ↓
  • RU: Здесь можете скачать новую сборку CS download года бесплатно, нажмите на кнопку: ↓
  • LV: Šeit jūs varat lejupielādēt jauno CS 2019 komplektu bez maksas, noklikšķiniet uz pogas: ↓
  • CZ: Zde si můžete zdarma stáhnout novou sestavu CS 1 6, klikněte na tlačítko: ↓
  • PL: Jesli chcesz pobrac Counterstrike bezposrednio, kliknij przycisk: ↓
  • IN: यहां आप नए CS 1 6 असेंबली को मुफ्त में डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं, बटन पर क्लिक करें: ↓
  • Arabīyah: إذا كنت تريد تنزيل نسخة أصلية CS 1 6 مباشرة ، انقر فوق: ↓

CS 1.6 - Counter Strike 1.6 is first person shooter genre game with multi-player and single-player features. Counter-Strike 1.6 game server's have a lot of modification's like Death-Run, CSDM, Knife, Zombie Plague and many other's. CounterStrike (CS) game was developed by Minh Le and Jess Cliffe. Its game of Half-Life game modification. The first Counter-Strike (CS) game has been distributed separately. It was presented with the Half-Life and other games.
In 1999 year's engaged in development of this version of the Planet Half-Life community. Since then, was released a lot of Counter-Strike game beta versions. In 1999 year's June 18 day was released the first publicly accessible CounterStrike game beta version. In 2000 year's August 12 day Valve has announced the merging with Counter-Strike developers. During the 2000 Christmas was released CounterStrike 1.0. The current, wildly popular, CounterStrike game 1.6 version was released in 2003 year's September 15 day.
Counter-Strike (CS) 1.6 game point is to beat down enemies team - Terrorist's (T) or Counter-Terrorist's (CT). When all members of enemies team is eliminated, then survivor's team wins the match. If no one player was killed in winner's team, then winners team just get flawless victory. Counter Strike 1.6 multi-player game is more interesting than most of single player games. You can meet your friend's, do clan fights and many featured stuff.

Is counter strike 1.6 free?

Yes! This 1.6 game is fully free to play. Counter Strike 1.6 game is full of adventure and action. CS 1.6 game play style depends on the map type. If you want to know the rules of the game which depends on the type of playing map and standard tactics.
From the first CS game's release date, CS1.6 game developer's, publisher's and player's was started to think about this game tournaments. Tournament preparation made game more popular and Free to play. CS 1.6 game tournament winnings amounted to thousands of dollars. Hundreds of the best players in the game, fighting for the prize. Counter-Strike team members from around the world gathered in the great hall where the fight for the prize. Unfortunately this honorable position currently occupied another game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
Counter Strike game has always been the most popular free FPS type game. It has been regularly updated and improved - from a variety of bug fixes. Slowhack problem's fix, modifications, and additional applications of the game development to the updated versions of the game's release. At this moment its very common throughout the world. Millions of people playing it from a variety of countries.

CS 1.6 - modified game versions

Counter-Strike 1.6 have a lot of modified this game version. Its like 1.7, romanian or lithuanian version, extreme (xtcs - in short) Counter Strike. Warzone and a lot of other modifications. These modifications of the game was created for the game's popularity to grow, and not the opposite.
In XTCS or 1.7 game version you will see better game graphics and physics. It has modified models (another name - skins), sounds, objects, maps and other files of the game. However, despite these advantages, many players still prefer the old version of the game.
In WarZone client of CS game you will see classic game graphics, physics. All game files, but this version of the game is protected from slowhack methods! Slowhack - Player game files change, modification or editing without player approval.
Rampage CS 1.6 client is protected from slowhack too and have classic game files.

CS 1.6 WarZone

Counterstrike Mac Download

You can cs 1.6 download this game client goin over CS 1.6 WarZone. Game was updated up to 2019 year standarts. Warzone modficated game is way different then it use to be in 2011 year. Feel free to check it out what is new in game.
WarZone version of CS 1.6 game was created and published in 2011. Official website of CS WARZONE is CS 1 6 warzone version was created, because a lot of players had a very bad problem - SLOWHACK. We already mentioned what is slowhack in older articles.
SLOWHACK - It's CS 1.6 players settings (configuration) or files change, files modification without prompt. When you playing in any CS1.6 game server you can have problems like keys binding with connect commands to another server. For example you just click button Z for radio commands, but you will connect to server. You will not see radio commands menu, autoexec.cfg, userconfig.cfg or any other CFG file content change to CONNECT commands. You just start CS1.6 by click on shortcut 'Counter Strike 1.6' which is on your desktop. After this you just connecting to counterstrike server automatically.
So, WarZone client of CS 1.6 had fixed these problems. GameMenu change, CFG's files content rewrite, keys binding. And most important .dll or .exe files sending for player and it affected the growth of counterstrike game popularity too.

Our game client Screen-Shot:

Game gamemodes

When playing DE_ (deffuse) type of CS 1.6 game maps for a certain period of time. Time is determined by the server on which you play developer or server administration. Terrorist's team must reach the place where they can plant and activate C4 explosive bomb. If the terrorist's successfully plant's the bomb, then the police (Counter-Terrorist's) team must to defuse the bomb. Counter members of police team must to kill all of the enemies team members. Terrorist, who successfully plant bomb (C4) on A or B plant and C4 successfully explodes. They receive 3 personal point's of the game, Counter-Terrorist. Who successfully defuse bomb (C4) receive 3 personal points of the game too.

Counter gamemode

When playing CS_ type of CS 1.6 game maps, policemen (Counter-Terrorist's) team for a certain period of time must to escape hostages from a terrorists team. Come to a place where standing hostages, access any of the hostages individually. Just press the E key, and lead all of the hostages to the rescue zone. There is another way to win gamemode by killing all of the enemies team members. For each of the first touch of the hostages, the member of CT's team will get 150 dollars. They also receive a certain amount of dollars for a successful hostages rescue.

When playing AS_ type of CS 1.6 game maps, game engine just randomly select one player of CT's team. This lucky player get VIP status. Player who gets the VIP status, have a 100HP, 200 ARMOR and the default gun of CT's (Counter-Terrorist's) team. They get a pistol USP. VIP member can't buy other weapons. All members of the CT's team must protect their VIP member and help him to escape to the rescue zone. If the police fail to do it on a certain period of time or terrorist team member kills the VIP member, the round will over. The terrorists wins the match and terrorists team gets one point of the game.

Custom gamemode

When playing AIM_, FY_ or DM_ type of CS1.6 game maps, the main objective of the CS1.6 game is to kill all of the enemies team members. In CS 1.6 game, one of any member of the enemies team (player) kill guarantees a personal point of the game.

How to download Counter strike 1.6 game?

If you want to download CS 1.6 game, but you don't know how to do it - Read this article.
CS 1.6 DOWNLOAD takes just a few simple steps: navigate to our download panel (upper this post), choose one of two Counter Strike 1.6 download button. Just click one of those buttons and wait for download finish. When downloading is finished - Open install (setup) file and complete setup. Just click next by next, then choose installation directory. Other way to leave default installation directory without any changes. When counterstrike will be fully installed launch counter strike cs by double click on shortcut from your desktop and enjoy the game play! CS 1.6 download mirrors on our site is very user-friendly. It is enough just to click on one of the links and download cs 1.6 immediately. Website download speed is also significant because the game installer cs file. Our game installation is placed on a high-speed virtual private server.
A lot of people are downloading Counterstrike game. About 5000 downloads around the world, every 5 minutes. Romania, Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania - In these countries CS1.6 game is often downloaded, because Counter-Strike 1.6 game is very popular in these countries.
If you are using a wireless Internet connection or just if your internet speed. We recommend you to use uTorrent application for CS 1.6 download.
We added few screen-shots tutorial for you to get game easier. In case if you are not sure what you should do for GAME DOWNLOAD.

Early, was possible download CS 1.6 game mirror only for PC with Microsoft Windows operating system. These days a lot of first-person shooter games fans use not only windows os, but linux, mac and other operating systems. These OS gaining popularity very quickly. For the same reason Counterstrike game developers offer CS 1 6 download and for other operating systems. Thus, none of the players do not remain disadvantaged.
If you want to download CS 1.6 for other operating system, just read these few simple steps:

  1. Go to or
  2. In search box type: CS 1.6 linux download (if you use not linux os, just type your operating system name instead of linux).
  3. Find the best one website where you can download game version which is compatible with your operating system.
  4. Download cs game.
  5. Install game to your computer and enjoy it!

Counter-Strike 1.6 (CS 1.6) Setup file list:
  • Counter-Strike 1.6 version: CS 1.6 protocol version - 48 (original 48 protocol, full rip from STEAM)
  • Cstrike.exe version (Non-Steam)
  • Date of Cstrike.exe build: 12:45:41 Jun 15 2018

  • Rampage masterserver (Huge NON-Steam server's list.).
  • Protection from slowhack action's (Protected from motdfile, motd_write, exec, writecfg and .dll or .exe file's sending from server to player.).

Computer recommended minimal system requirement to play CS 1.6 game is listed bellow. It's recommended to have windows 10, windows 8 or 8.1, 7. It works with older operating systems: XP and 2000, ME, 98, 95 and older to able to play the game.Your PC is compatible? Then don't wait anymore and let's download CS 1.6 game.

  • CPU clock speed, clock rate of 1200 GHz or higher.
  • 512 MB of RAM or more.
  • 128 MB video card or better.
  • 750 MB of available hard disk space.
  • Microsoft Windows operating system versions: 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 95:
  • Mouse and keyboard is required to have, also microphone is optional to have aswell.
  • Access to the internet connection

How to download Counter Strike 1.6 map's, model's and sound's?

CS 1.6 game maps, sounds and models are an integral part of the game counter strike. A lot of cs 1 6 players are not limited to the standard of the game and are looking for modified files. Newer and more beautiful attributes of the game, so if you do not know how to download and install these attributes.
You can download Counter Strike 1.6 map's, model's and/or game sound's very easy from just click on link, move the computer mouse pointer in the left corner of this page to the top. Then click on GAMES button and choose CS (Counter-Strike 1.6) button, just click on this button. After this just choose NEW SKINS or NEW MAPS button and click on one of them. After this you will see a huge list of CS 1.6 map's or skin's, enjoy it!
If you want download sound's for Counterstrike game from gamebanana WEB page. Then move the computer mouse pointer in the right of this page to the top. Click on Misc button and click on Sounds button. Browse categories section and click on Counter-Strike 1.6 button. It is the center of the page, enjoy it.
How to install CS 1.6 maps, models, skins or sounds? Just find Counter-Strike 1.6/cstrike on your hard drive. Upload maps to cstrike/maps folder. Then upload skins files to cstrike/models folder and sounds to cstrike/sounds folder. If need to replace old files just click YES TO ALL button on dialog box.

Download counterstrike free - in past people had to pay for it. But now its free to play without exception. We offer free CS 1.6 download, you can easily download this amazing first-person shooter genre game. From our website you can download it without any limit's or other inconveniences. Early Counter-Strike 1.6 game cost considerable amount of money. Now it cost about 10 USD, at this moment - 9,99 USD. You can buy this game from steam account's resellers, but it isn't safe because you can lose your account. In spite of everything, we offer an alternative a free download mirror of the CS1.6 game. If you want to download counterstrike free, just click direct link. The direct link you will found under this article.

Kaip parsisiųsti CS 1.6 ?

(lietuvių kalba)

Jei norite parsisiųsti CS 1.6, bet jūs nežinote kaip tai padaryti, tiesiog skaitykite šias instrukcijas, CS 1 6 parsisiuntimas užtruks tik kelias akimirkas, tiesiog sekite šias instrukcijas: eikite į puslapio viršų ir pasirinkite vieną iš dviejų parsisiųsti counter strike 1.6 parsisiuntimo mygtukų, tada tiesiog spustelėkite tą mygtuką ir palaukite CS parsisiuntimo pabaigos. Kai žaidimas jau bus parsiųstas tiesiog paspauskite ant 'cs_setup.exe' failo, sekančioje lentelėje spustelėkite mygtuką 'RUN' (paleisti/vykdyti/atidaryti), sekančioje lentelėje spauskite mygtuką 'next' (sekantis), po to pasirinkite vietą, savo kietajame diske, į kurią norite patalpinti CS 1 6 failus, po to vėl spauskite mygtuką 'next' ir laukite instaliacijos pabaigos, po visko tiesiog spustelėkite mygtuką 'finish' ir paleiskite žaidimą du kartus paspausdami ant darbalaukyje atsiradusios nuorodos 'Counter-Strike'.

Cum se descarci cs 1.6 ?

(Limba Romana)

Daca vrei sa descarci cs 1.6 , dar nu ai idee cum se procedeaza. Urmareste instructiunile de mai jos si va fi foarte simplu. O sa dureze doar cateva momente:dute in sus paginii si selecteaza unul din cele doua butoane de cs Download Counter-strike 1 6. Apoi pur si simplu dati click pe buton si asteptati sa se Descarce cs 1 6 .Acuma dupa ce arhiva a fost descarcata in calculatorul dnv. pur si simplu dati un click pe 'cs_setup.exe'. Dati click pe butonul 'RUN' (play/exercise/open), apoit dati click pe butonul 'Next' si apoi selectati locatia unde sa fie instalat jocul pe hdd. Si apoi dati Next pana la sfarsitul instalarii. Si apoi puteti selecta Finish . Descărcați versiunea CS română a jocului!

Како да преузмете ЦС 1.6


Ако желите да преузмете ЦС 1.6 (CS 1.6), али не знате како да то урадите. Cамо прочитајте упутства, ЦС 1.6 (CS 1.6) преузимање ће само пар тренутака. Cамо пратите ова упутства: Иди на врх странице и изаберите један од два Цоунтер Стрике 1.6 (Counter Strike) дугме Преузми, а затим једноставно кликните на дугме и сачекајте крај ЦС (CS) преузимања. Када се игра има да се преузме само кликните на 'cs_setup.exe' фајл у следећој табели, кликните на дугме 'Run' (Плаи / вежби / Опен) у следећој табели, кликните на дугме 'Next' (Следеће). A затим изаберите локацију на вашем хард диску, желите да сачувате датотеке у ЦС 1 6. затим поново притисните 'Next' и сачекати крај инсталације. Oнда је све само кликните на 'Finish', а поново игру два пута на радној површини тако што ћете кликнути на проистичу линкове Цоунтер-Стрике 1.6.

Довнлоад ЦС 1.6.

Kā lejupielādēt CS 1.6?


Ja jūs vēlaties, lai lejupielādētu CS 1.6, bet jūs nezināt, kā to izdarīt. Vienkārši izlasiet instrukciju, CS 1 6 lejuplādēt aizņems tikai daži mirkļi. Vienkārši izpildiet šos norādījumus: Doties uz lapas augšu un izvēlieties vienu no diviem CounterStrike 1.6 download poga, tad vienkārši noklikšķiniet uz pogu un jāgaida beigās CS lejupielādi. Pēc tam, kad spēle ir lejupielādēt vienkārši noklikšķiniet uz 'cs_setup.exe' failu tabulā. Noklikšķiniet uz pogas 'RUN' (play / vingrojumu / open) tabulā, noklikšķiniet uz 'Next' pogu (nākamais), un pēc tam izvēlieties vietu uz cietā diska. Vēlaties saglabāt failus CS 1.6, un pēc tam vēlreiz nospiediet 'Next' un gaidīt beigās uzstādīšanu, tad viss vienkārši noklikšķiniet uz 'Finish'. Un atsākt spēli divreiz uz darbvirsmas, noklikšķinot uz iegūtajiem saitēm Counter-Strike.

Jak pobrać CS 1.6?

(w języku polskim)

Jeśli chcesz pobrać CS 1.6, ale nie wiesz jak to zrobić. Po prostu przeczytaj instrukcję, CS 1.6 pobieranie zajmie tylko kilka chwil, po prostu wykonaj następujące czynności: Przejdź do góry strony i wybierz jeden z dwóch Counter Strike 1.6 download przycisku do pobrania. Następnie kliknij na przycisk i czekaj na zakończenie pobierania CS. Po zakończeniu pobierania gry wystarczy kliknąć na 'cs_setup.exe' pliku, w poniższej tabeli kliknij przycisk 'Run'. Następnie kliknij przycisk 'Next' (dalej), a następnie wybierz lokalizację na dysku twardym. Gdzie chcesz zapisać pliki CS 1.6, następnie naciśnij przycisk 'Next' i poczekaj na zakończenie instalacji. Po zakończeniu instalacji po prostu kliknij przycisk 'Finish'. następnie uruchom grę dwukrotnie klikając na pulpicie ikonę Counter-Strike.

Pobierz cs

Как да изтеглите CS 1.6?


Ако искате да изтеглите CS 1.6, но не знаете как да го направите, просто прочетете инструкциите, CS1.6 изтегляне ще ви отнеме само няколко минути. просто следвайте тези инструкции: Отидете в горната част на страницата и изберете една от двете Counter Strike бутона 1.6 изтегляне. Cлед това просто кликнете върху бутона и изчакайте за края на свалянето CS. След като играта трябва да бъде изтеглен, просто кликнете върху 'cs_setup.exe' файла в таблицата по-долу, кликнете върху бутона 'Run' (възпроизвеждане / упражнения / отворен) в таблицата по-долу, натиснете бутона 'Next' (следващия). Cлед това изберете място на вашия твърд диск, искате да съхранявате файлове в CS 1 6 и след това отново натиснете 'Next' и изчакайте за края на инсталацията. Tогава всичко само да кликнете върху 'Finish' и рестартирайте играта два пъти върху работния плот. Kато щракнете върху получените връзки Counter-Strike.

Wie CS 1.6 downloaden?

(auf Deutsch)

Wenn Sie CS 1.6 downloaden wollen, aber Sie wissen nicht. Wie es geht, lesen Sie einfach die Anweisungen, CS 1.6 Download dauert nur ein paar Augenblicke. Folgen Sie diesen Anweisungen: Zum Seitenanfang und wählen Sie eine der beiden Counter Strike 1.6 Download taste, dann auf die. Klicken Sie einfach Taste und warten Sie das Ende der CS Download mirror. Sobald das Spiel muss einfach heruntergeladen werden Sie auf die Datei 'cs_setup.exe' in der folgenden Tabelle. Klicken Sie auf die Schaltfläche 'Run' (Wiedergabe / Übung / offen) in der folgenden Tabelle, klicken Sie auf die Schaltfläche 'Next' (Weiter). Wählen Sie dann den Speicherort auf Ihrer Festplatte, Sie Dateien in CS 1 6 wieder speichern und drücken Sie dann auf 'Next' und warten Sie das Ende der Installation wollen. Dann alles nur auf 'Finish', und zweimal das Spiel neu starten auf dem Desktop. Indem Sie auf die daraus resultierenden Links Counter-Strike

Download cs

Hogyan lehet letölteni CS 1.6?


Ha szeretné letölteni CS 1.6, de nem tudom. Hogyan kell csinálni, csak olvassa el az utasításokat, CS1.6 letöltés csak néhány pillanatig. Kövesse az alábbi utasításokat: Ugrás a lap tetejére, és válassza ki a két counterstrike 1 6 download letöltés gombra. Majd kattintson az adott gombot, és várja meg a végét a CS letöltés. Miután a játék le kell tölteni egyszerűen kattintson cs_setup.exe fájl, a következő táblázat. Kattintson a 'RUN', az alábbi táblázat, nyomja meg a Next gombot. Majd válassza ki a helyet a merevlemezen, amelyre át szeretnénk helyezni a CS 1.6 fájlokat. Majd újra kattintson a gombra 'next', és várja meg a telepítés végén. Miután minden csak kattintson a 'finish', és indítsa el a játékot. Kattintson kétszer az asztalon, és a kapott hivatkozások Counter-Strike.

Counter Strike Go Mac Download

CS 1.6 Torrent - This is file which allows you to download CS 1.6 game. It will get you this game at maximum speed using uTorrent or another torrent application. If you are newbie and still never used uTorrent application probably immediately wondered when and why Counter-strike 1.6 or any other files like movies or games. Better to use uTorrent download rather than a direct link? uTorrent application is most useful in case if your Internet connection is not fast. This amazing application you will be able to suspend and/or resume the cs download whenever you likely want. These applications also help you download any file at maximum speed. Of course if a sufficient amount of file seeders.
We have already mentioned that in our site you can download Counter-Strike 1.6 (CS 1.6), not only from a direct link. But and using uTorrent application, this article will try to explain more in detail how to do it.
Just follow these simple steps, these instructions. It will help you download and install uTorrent application and download Counter-Strike 1.6 download using uTorrent application :

  1. First of all, download uTorrent application. You can do this by clicking on this link: Download uTorrent ), then choose one of few uTorrent versions. We recommend to download latest stable version. After this click DOWNLOAD TORRENT button, download and install it.
  2. Wait until the application will be downloaded. It will only take a moment, because uTorrent application is very 'easy'.
  3. Click on uTorrent.exe application, run it and install it. Just click next by next until you will see finish button, it's super simple!
  4. After download CS 1.6 torrent file, download link is below this text.
  5. Open downloaded torrent file.
  6. Now you will see uTorrent dialog box. Click on OK button and wait until Counter-Strike 1.6 game setup file will be downloaded.
  7. Install Counterstrike and enjoy it!
Download Counter-Strike 1.6 torrent.

Play CS: Global Offensive on MacOS

Hello everyone, how are you all doing today? I hope you are all having a great week so far, my week has been pretty good. Been a bit busy trying to help my cousin move to her new house, but luckily today I finally realized we never posted about one of the greatest action/shooter games ever created. Counter-Strike. Please read on…

Counter Strike Source Mac download. full free

Today we will highlight a game original created for the PC many years ago. Counter-Strike, to be more specific, today we will talk about the latest in the CS games family, Counter-Strike GO aka Counter-Strike Global Offensive or for short, CS: GO. I personally began playing this game many years many years ago during it’s beta stages in 1999 before its official release in 2000. I was a just a kid then but every summer my friend and I would spend at least half the damn day playing that game. Let’s find out what else makes this game a must download for Mac gamers.

What Is Counter-Strike: GO About?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) will expand upon the team-based action gameplay that it pioneered when it was launched 14 years ago.

CS: GO features new maps, characters, and weapons and delivers updated versions of the classic CS content (de_dust2, etc.). In addition, CS: GO will introduce new gameplay modes, matchmaking, leader boards, and more.

“Counter-Strike took the gaming industry by surprise when the unlikely MOD became the most played online PC action game in the world almost immediately after its release in August 1999,” said Doug Lombardi at Valve. “For the past 12 years, it has continued to be one of the most-played games in the world, headline competitive gaming tournaments and selling over 25 million units worldwide across the franchise. CS: GO promises to expand on CS’ award-winning gameplay and deliver it to gamers on the PC as well as the next gen consoles and the Mac.”

Install Counter-Strike: GO on Mac

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Gameplay Screenshots

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Counter Strike Online Mac Download

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