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There are many post related to Citrix IMA service startup issues and CTX articles. Many of them did help us in resolving the issues.

I would like to share one unique issue that I faced wrt Citrix IMA service might help a few. I didn't find many or infact any related articles for this issue

Environment :

XA 6.0 HRP1

WIndows server 2008 R2

VMware VMs

In one of the Citrix XA server I faced IMA service startup issue, events that got registered in the windows event viewer are

Event ID (System Event) 3640, 3613, 3609 and 3601

'Error: Failed to connect to the database. The ACCESS.mdb file is missing. Error: IMA_RESULT_FILE_NOT_FOUND Indirect: 0 Server: DSN File: C:Program files (86)CitrixIndependent Management Architecturemf20.dsn'

'Failed to connect to the database with error.Error - IMA_RESULT_FILE_NOT_FOUND The ACCESS.mdb file is missing'

Csn Yoi Lofelink Off Halars Dmg

Regular troubleshooting of IMA service didn't help as in my case the imalhc.mdb file and radecache.mdb file was missing in my non-working servers @ C:Program files (86)CitrixIndependent Management Architecture folder

I have even tried copy the files from a working server to a non-working server even that didn't help.

when I try to run the command to recreate LHC from the non-working server to my surprise, the output was not visible. be it 'command completed successfully' or some error message.

Then with help from Graeme Dunkley we installed API monitor and started capturing the non-working traces at the time of executing

dsmaint recreatelhc command

This trace gave us good lead interms of whats happening at the time of executing the command and what went wrong in case of non-working server.

it was searching for the Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb) registry key under HKLMSoftwareWow6432NodeODBCODBCINST.INIMicrosoft Access Driver (*.mdb) which was missing in my case in the non-working server

and searching for the driver file odbcjt32.dll c:windowssystem32 or c:windowsSysWOW64

After exporting the registry key from a working server to the non-working server, we were able to start the CItrix IMA service and issue got resolved.

Happy to share this to the benefit of others who might come across with similar scenarios.

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