Custom Dmg Gameboy

Find modifications for the Game Boy DMG, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Advance and SEGA Game Gear. Top modifications include Game Boy Backlight, Game Boy Color Backlight, Game Boy Advance Backlight, AGS-101 and IPS LCDs. Game Boy Bivert/hex mods. Custom buttons and shells.

custom buttons

$1.00 - $3.00

these buttons are machine cast (injection molded) and are a very nice quality. they are available in a variety of colors and styles. please see the drop-down menu for the currently available styles and color choices.

the dmg sets contain the d-pad, A/B buttons, power switch and link port cover.

the pocket sets contain the d-pad, A/B buttons, and power switch.

the color sets contain the d-pad, A/B buttons, and power switch.

the nes sets contain a d-pad, A/B buttons, and also a DMG style power switch and link port cover (many of our customers install this type of button in their DMG).

the game boy advance set includes d-pad, A/B buttons, L/R buttons, side pieces, and power switch.

the game boy advance SP set includes d-pad, A/B buttons, L/R buttons, start/select buttons, light switch, and power switch.

the super nintendo set include A, B, X, and Y buttons and the d-pad.

cgb = gameboy color
dmg = dot-matrix gameboy (the classic)
gba - game boy advance
gba sp = game boy advance SP
mgb = gameboy pocket
nes = nintendo entertainment system
snes = super nintendo entertainment system

colors in the pictures are only a representation. due to your computer screen's settings, they may not exactly match the plastic.

* = comes with dpad, A/B buttons, and power switch only
** = comes with dpad and A/B buttons only

Other Products In by brand

Available is a custom DMG with 3' Green Backlit LCD.

Built with a pure white reproduction DMG shell, all white buttons, my 3' Green Backlit LCD framed with a Kitsch-Bent thin border glass screen protector and a CPU Version 08 motherboard which means full compatibility with all available carts, including flash carts and none of the audio bugs found in earlier revision CPU's.

The shell is brand new and free from scratches and marks. There are no marks, dirt, fingerprints etc on the LCD and the front half of the case has been CNC cut for a perfect straight edge.

Custom Dmg Gameboy Pc

Game cart is not included. Batteries not included. The LCD is running the latest firmware and hardware mods. The LCD panel is secured to the front PCB meaning you can easily remove it to customize buttons etc...

Custom Dmg Gameboy Switch


Custom Dmg Gameboy Cheats

Shipping world wide, tracked, express. Shipping fee's will vary depending on your location. Made and shipped from Australia.

Custom Dmg Gameboy Online

Want a custom build? Different LCD color? Shell color? TV-Out? Send your request through to my email and we'll see what we can do.