Dmg 273

DMG:273 Delay:504 STR+7 VIT+7 Accuracy+20 Great Axe skill +242 Parrying skill +242 Magic Accuracy skill +188 'Store TP'+5 Additional effect: Death Image: Type: Weapon Flags: Obtainable from Goblin Box, CanSendPOL, Equippable, Not vendorable, Not sendable, Exclusive, Rare Stack size: 1.

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Is there a thread where they've compiled and discussed those variant rules? I was looking at some of them for a new campaign...
  1. Morale (DMG 273) I like both Epic Heroism and Gritty Realism, and have played around with alternating between them in the same campaign (and even adventure) depending on where the PCs are and what they are doing. So far it works. Players aren't getting their panties in too much of a twist about verisimilitude being broken or anything.
  2. .When infused with Magic: 215 physical dmg/232 magic dmg, with Fire: 273 physical dmg/273 Fire dmg, with Lightning: 285 physical dmg/285 Lightning dmg Demon's Greataxe is a Weapon in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered.
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In response to your request from another thread. I'll edit in from the other books once I get around to it, right now it's just the PHB and DMG. The DMG is practically all a discussion of different ways a campaign can be constructed or the game can be run, so there's a substantial number of optional rules and variant rules in there.
Variant/Optional Rule Name (Book Page Number)
Customizing Ability Scores (PHB 13)
Human Traits (PHB 31)
Criminal: Spy (PHB 130)
Entertainer: Gladiator (PHB 131)
Guild Artisan: Guild Merchant (PHB 133)
Noble: Knight (PHB 136)
Retainers (PHB 136)
Sailor: Pirate (PHB 139)
Feature: Bad Reputation (PHB 139)
Equipment Sizes (PHB 144)
Multiclassing and Feats (PHB Chapter 6, pg 163-170)
Skills with Different Abilities (PHB 175)
Encumberance (176)
Playing on a Grid (PHB 192)
Warhorse Armor (PHB 310)
Feywild Magic (DMG 50)
Shadowfell Despair (DMG 52)
Psychic Dissonance (DMG 59)
Blessed Beneficence (DMG 59)
Pervasive Goodwill (DMG 59)
Overwhelming Joy (DMG 60)
Hunter's Paradise (DMG 60)
Beast Transformation (DMG 60)
Intense Yearning (DMG 61)
Immortal Wrath (DMG 61)
Power of the Mind (DMG 61)
Mad Winds (DMG 62)
Abyssal Corruption (DMG 62)
Prison Plane (DMG 63)
Vile Transformation (DMG 63)
Cruel Hindrance (DMG 63)
Pervasive Evil (DMG 64)
Bloodlust (DMG 66)
Law of Averages (DMG 66)
Imposing Order (DMG 66)

Planar Vitality (DMG 67)
Loyalty (DMG 93)
Training to Gain Levels (DMG 131)
More Difficult Identification (DMG 136)
Mixing Potions (DMG 140)
Scroll Mishaps (DMG 140)
Wands that Don't Recharge (DMG 141)
Flanking (DMG 251)
Diagonals (DMG 252)
Facing (DMG 252)Dmg
Proficiency Dice (DMG 263)
Ability Check Proficiency (DMG 263)
Background Proficiency (DMG 264)
Personality Trait Proficiency (DMG 264)
Hero Points (DMG 264)
New Ability Scores: Honor and Sanity (DMG 264)
Fear and Horror (DMG 266)
Healer's Kit Dependency (DMG 266)
Healing Surges (DMG 266)
Slow Natural Healing (DMG 267)Dmg 273
Epic Heroism (DMG 267)
Gritty Realism (DMG 267)
Firearms (DMG 267)
Explosives (DMG 267)
Alien Technology (DMG 268)
Plot Points (DMG 269)
Initiative Score (DMG 270)
Side Initiative (DMG 270)
Speed Factor (DMG 270-271)
Action Options (DMG 271-272)

Dmg 273 Vs

Hitting Cover (DMG 272)
Cleaving Through Creatures (DMG 272)
Injuries (DMG 272)
Massive Damage (DMG 273)
Morale (DMG 273)
Spell Points (DMG 288)
Human Languages (SCAG, 112)
Svirfneblin Magic (SCAG, 115)
Half-Elf Variants (SCAG, 116)
Tiefling Variants (SCAG, 118)
City Watch: Investigator (SCAG 145)