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Order your DMG Hygiene Products products today! Easy ordering Fast shipping Great Prices Premier Members save an additional 10% on every item, every day! Search and find company accounts information for DMG DENTAL PRODUCTS (UK) LIMITED, UNIT 8 CITIBASE THE GENESIS CENTRE WARRINGTON WA3 7BH. View summary of company credit check, director search and other financial reports. Dental products in top “Made in Germany” quality. With massive growth and outstanding product quality, the family-owned dental company VOCO has now developed into one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. VOCO offers branded products in the fields of preventative, restorative and prosthetic dentistry which enjoy high renown both in.

DMG offers high-quality brand products 'made in Germany' to dentists and dental technicians. Marvel at our extensive product portfolio - prophylaxis of molding materials, temporary, indirect and direct supply, Lab material to Accessories. The latest Tweets from DMG Dental Material (@DMGDentalNews). New ideas to further dentistry: for that we research, develop and produce our reliable products.

DMG America LLC is located in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey. The company has an experienced network of sales and support representatives available to help dental professionals meet their materials needs. To find a local DMG America Representative, please contact us at 800-662-6383.

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Class III, IV and V restorations

  • Proven for decades
  • High mechanical strength


Automatic mixing of dental materials in the typical, commercially available 25 ml and 50 ml-cartridges

Dmg america dental products
  • Homogeneous, bubble free mixing
  • Reliable and trouble-free dispensing
  • Easy handling


Small restorations of class I and III, primary tooth cavities, fissure sealings, base lining of class I and II restorations, blocking out and filling of undercuts

  • Self-etching and self-adhesive
  • Faster, easier and more efficient treatment process


Light-curing adhesive system for light-curing restorative materials (composites, compomers) to be used on enamel and dentine

  • No additional etching with phosphoric acid
  • Priming and bonding are effected in only two steps

DMG MiniDam

Silicone protection for relative drying of the proximal area between two teeth and protection of the gums against dental materials

  • Reliable local protection of the proximal area
  • Quick and easy
  • Comfortable for patients

Dry Coat

Dmg Dental Products

Coating of temporaries, customized impression trays and orthodontic plates

  • High gloss, lasting, hard surface
  • Eliminates polishing
  • Abrasion resistant

Ecosite Bulk Fill

Packable nano-hybrid composite for reliable fillings in one step.

  • Can be applied in one coat without additional top coating
  • Reliable through-hardening to 5 mm
  • Low shrinkage stress values
  • Easy modeling
  • Precision contact-point formation
  • Outstanding mechanical properties thanks to special filler technology

Ecosite Elements

A light-curing nanohybrid composite system that can be used to master almost 98% of all typical restorations in the anterior and the posterior regions, especially esthetically challenging cases.

  • Intuitive and straightforward shade concept
  • Exceptional handling for maximum safety and precision
  • 98 % of all typical treatments with just one material

Ecosite Bond

Light-curing „etch and rinse” adhesive for direct restorations of all cavity classes as the perfect partner of Ecosite Bulk Fill

  • Free choice of etching Modus
  • Optimum bond strength in any Situation
  • Ideal for use with Ecosite Bulk Fill


High-quality universal composite system

  • Restoration system for all cavity classes
  • Optimal shade selection based on VITA®
  • Lasting esthetics Wide range of materials
  • Convincing handling features
  • Excellent sculpting properties


Restorations of all cavity classes, especially classes I and II; fabrication of direct inlays and onlays

  • High viscosity, packable
  • Excellent handling
  • Does not stick to the instrument
  • Good adaptation to cavity walls
  • Excellent stability


Small restorations of cavity classes I, III, IV, V; deciduous teeth; minimally invasive fillings; underfillings; extended fissure sealing; blocking out of undercuts; repair of composite restorations

  • Fluid during and stable after the application
  • Direct application
  • Excellent polishing properties


Restorations of all cavity classes in the anterior and posterior region

  • Great variety of shades
  • Excellent sculpting properties
  • Medium viscosity
  • Single and multi-color layer technique
  • Natural fluorescence


Highly esthetic anterior restorations of cavity classes III, IV and V; fabrication of direct veneers

  • Enamel-like translucency
  • Excellent polishing properties at high filler degree
  • Natural fluorescence
  • Medium viscosity
  • Excellent sculpting properties

Etching Gel

Etching of enamel and dentine

  • 37 % phosphoric acid gel
  • Blue for easy identification
  • Ideal retention pattern
  • Optimal viscosity


Prophylaxis system

  • The perfect combination for all prophylaxis steps
  • Reliable protection due to xylitol and fluoride
  • 3 flavors for combination

Flairesse gel and foam

Promotes remineralization of the enamel, after professional tooth cleaning, remineralization of incipient caries

  • Increase enamel resistance against acid attacks
  • Contain xylitol and fluoride
  • Do not drip
  • Short application time: only 1 minute

Flairesse varnish

Treatment of hypersensitive teeth, sealing of dentine tubules after cavity preparations, sealing of hypersensitive cervixes and exposed root dentine

  • Desensitizes reliably
  • Contains xylitol and fluoride
  • Invisible on teeth
  • 2 fresh flavors: Mint and Melon

Flairesse paste

Removal of superficial soft and hard plaque, removal of extrinsic stains

  • For a perfect cleaning and polishing effect
  • Does not splatter
  • 3 different grits
  • 2 fresh flavors: Mint and Melon
  • Contains xylitol and fluoride


Professional precision for all indications

  • Exceptional detail reproduction
  • Outstanding stability in the tray and intraorally
  • Remarkable flow properties under light pressure
  • Balanced hydrophilicity
  • Neutral taste and honey scent

Honigum Pro

Precision VPS-material

  • Extraordinary stability and flowability
  • Optimum behavior in moist conditions
  • Convenient working time
  • Extreme toughness
  • Maximum precision
  • Particularly suited to implant impressions

Honigum Pro Scan

impressions of all kinds, such as crowns and bridge impressions, inlay and onlay impressions for any excess impressions (e.g. implants), fixation of impression posts and transfer copings

  • Scannable: All Honigum Pro advantages are also available for digital workflow
  • Cost effective, easy, precise

Honigum Pro-Heavy

VPS-based pre-impression material

  • High final hardness
  • Convenient insertion resistance
  • Easy and effective removal
  • Consistently homogeneous material quality without bubbles

Honigum Pro-Light

High-precision, VPS-based correction impression material

  • Intelligent flow properties and extraordinary stability
  • Excellent hydrophilic properties
  • Finest details are recorded
  • Very high toughness

Honigum Pro-Mono

Monophase VPS-based impression material

  • Precision in just a single step
  • Easy and effective removal
  • Highly hydrophilic and superior flow behavior
  • Precise reproduction of the preparation line
  • Very high tear strength

Honigum Pro-Putty

Precision, VPS-based impression material with the consistency of putty

  • Outstanding recovery after deformation
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Can be shaped by hand


Crown and bridge impressions, inlay and onlay impressions, all types of pickup impressions, e.g. for implants

  • Exceptionally high final hardness
  • Optimal resistance when positioned
  • Excellent fixation characteristics
  • Trouble-free and safe removal


Crown and bridge impressions, inlay and onlay impressions

  • Excellent flow properties
  • Outstanding stability in the tray and intraorally
  • Balanced hydrophilicity
  • Registers even the finest details


Crown and bridge impressions, inlay, onlay and functional impressions, as well as pressure-spot indications and all types of pickup impressions, e.g. for implants

  • One-step precision
  • Precise reproduction of the preparation line
  • Finest surface details


Crown and bridge impressions, inlay and onlay impressions

  • Unique Snap-Set technology (long working time and short time in mouth)
  • Excellent recovery after deformation
  • Excellent dimensional stability

Icon - Caries Infiltration

The innovative method to arrest caries:

  • Helps arrest caries progression in the early stages.
  • Immediate correction of initial lesions upon diagnostic assessment, no more waiting until a restorative therapy becomes necessary
  • Gentle method without anesthesia or drilling

Icon - Caries Infiltrant proximal

Micro-invasive treatment of early, non-cavitated caries in the proximal area.

  • Tooth friendly filling by infiltration – no drilling needed
  • Gentle therapy approach for difficult-toreach proximal lesions in just a few steps
  • No unnecessary loss of healthy hard tissue

Icon - Caries Infiltrant smooth surface

Micro-invasive treatment of enamel-restricted, non-cavitated caries on smooth surfaces.

  • Gentle method for counteracting cariogenic white spots – with an esthetic side effect
  • No unnecessary loss of healthy hard tissue
  • User-friendly and patient-friendly application process in only one sitting


Underfilling material for composite, amalgam and ceramic restorations and for blocking out undercuts

  • Unique compensation for composite polymerization shrinkage stress through controlled expansion
  • Fluoride release
  • Antibacterial properties


Fixation of impression posts for implant impressions, bite registrations

  • The hardest bite registration material (Barcol hardness 25 after one hour)
  • No compression or flexing when repositioned on the model
  • Tasteless and odorless
  • Excellent stability
  • Easy to cut

LuxaBond-Total Etch

Dual-curing bonding agent in combination with the Total-Etch technique on enamel and dentine for all direct and indirect techniques such as challenging adhesive cementations of root posts and core build ups, veneers, inlays, onlays, crowns, and bridges

  • Self-curing: Hardens even without light
  • No premature polymerization of bonding »pools«

LuxaCore Z

Premium composite for core build-up and root post cementation.

  • Cuts like dentine
  • Extremely high compressive strength
  • Excellent flow properties
  • Reliable curing
  • One material for building up and cementing


The easiest way to long-lasting crowns.

  • Impressively semi-permanent
  • Quick & easy
  • Long-lasting with excellent results
  • Optimum mechanical properties
  • Time- and cost-saving

LuxaFlow Star

Add-on resin for temporaries, filling material for small class III, IV and V restorations, minimal invasive restorations, underfillings

  • Fluid during and stable after the application
  • Luer-Lock tips for exact applications
  • Excellent polishability, natural esthetics
  • Radio-opaque


Impression for temporaries

  • No mixing
  • No tray required
  • Stable under storage conditions
  • No smear layer on bisacryl temporaries
  • Odorless


Fabrication of a reliable retention of the core build-up in cases of insufficient coronal tooth substance

  • Perfect partner for LuxaCore: Monoblock
  • Dentine-like flexural modulus: reduced risk of root fracture
  • Radiopaque


Temporary crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, partial crowns, veneers, long-term temporary restorations

  • Natural fluorescence in six shades
  • Low polymerization shrinkage
  • High fracture and abrasion resistance
  • Outstanding color stability

Luxatemp Star

Temporary crowns and bridges, inlays and onlays, veneers and long-term temporaries

  • Substantially higher flexural strength and fracture toughness
  • Improved initial hardness
  • Great adaption and fit
  • Outstanding esthetics and color stability

Luxatemp-Glaze & Bond

Surface sealer and repair material for temporary crowns and bridges

  • High gloss without polishing
  • Excellent bond with repair materials
  • Extraordinary abrasion resistance
  • Low surface roughness


Temporary crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, partial crowns, veneers, long-term temporary restorations

  • Exceptional fit
  • Optimized resistance to abrasion
  • High flexural strength
  • High biocompatibility


Temporary crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, partial crowns, veneers, long-term temporary restorations

  • Setting time can be user-determined
  • Easier removal of the temporary during the extended elastic phase, undercuts do not tear
  • High final hardness immediately after light-cure


Mixing machine

  • Fully automatic
  • Delivery twice as fast as with the previous MixStar model
  • 3 selectable speeds
  • 2 timers for working and setting times
  • Easy to use and quick processing


Bite Registration

  • One of the hardest VPS-based bite registration materials
  • Superior break restistance
  • Fresh fruity orange scent
  • Minimal bite resistance
  • Fast-curing

O-Bite Scan

Bite Registration

  • Scannable
  • Extremely high final hardness and superior break resistance
  • Minimal bite resistance
  • Fresh fruity orange scent


Final cementation of crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays

  • Self-curing
  • Universal use
  • Also suitable for all-ceramic works
  • Combines the advantages of glass ionomer and composite

PermaCem 2.0

Permanent luting of inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges and root posts

  • Outstandingly strong adhesive to zirconia, silicate and oxide ceramics
  • Secure adhesion to metals and composites, too
  • Time-saving application
  • Extraordinary flow under pressure


Dispenser for direct application of all commercially available composite tips

  • Safe loading of Safetips
  • Direct application
  • Easy cleaning
  • Autoclavable

Safetip-Dispenser Pro

High-quality dispenser for direct application using all commercially available composite tips

  • Easy dispensing thanks to parallel handles
  • Precise treatment through straight-line motion
  • Ergonomic handling, even for smaller hands


The right solution for all impression techniques.

  • Stable in storage
  • Excellent recovery after deformation
  • Good hydrophilicity
  • High-contrast shades
  • Tailored to all dental requirements


Crown and bridge impressions, inlay and onlay impressions

  • Good hydrophilicity
  • Flowable viscosity
  • Available in two versions: regular and fast


Crown and bridge impressions, inlay and onlay impressions, relining and functional impressions, pressure spot indicator

  • Excellent flow properties
  • Good stability
  • Available in two versions: regular and fast set


Crown and bridge impressions, inlay and onlay impressions, functional impressions

  • Reproduces the finest details owing to excellent flow properties
  • Easy and precise application with Intraoral-Tips
  • Remains firm in the tray and on the preparation
  • Tube material has slight mint flavor


Crown and bridge impressions, inlay and onlay impressions

  • Exceptional dimensional
  • Snap-set behavior
  • Easy and mess-free handling
  • Excellent recovery after deformation


Fabrication of plaster or investment material duplicates

  • Exceptional precision
  • Perfect flow properties
  • High elasticity and great tear resistance
  • Easy removal of cast
  • Stable in storage

Silber 70-Solo

Dmg Dental Products Uk Ltd

For all load bearing restorations

  • DMG patented technology
  • Non-gamma-2 amalgam in self-activating predosed pillows


Impressions for situation impression, provisionals, opposing jaw models, impressions for fabricating vacuum formed templates

  • Pourable after 10 minutes
  • Very high dimensional stability
  • Very long shelf life
  • Repourable


Precision work in the field of crowns, bridges, partial and full dentures as well as implants

  • Easy to form, adapt and trim
  • Long working time
  • Odorless
  • Surplus material can be re-used


Adhesive cementation of light-curing restoratives on enamel and dentine

  • Innovative single dose application form »SilvR dose«
  • Easy, one-hand »push button« application
  • Hygienic handling
  • Secure application with constant quality


Temporary luting of temporary and permanent crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays and implant-supported dentures

  • Calming effect due to eugenol
  • Optimal adhesion and removability
  • Easy and clean removal of excess
  • Direct application into the temporary


Temporary and semi-permanent luting of temporary crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays. Temporary and semi-permanent luting of implant-borne temporary prosthesis. Temporary luting of temporary veneers.

  • Invisible under restorations
  • Detectable for easy clean-up
  • Beautiful esthetics thanks to optimal transparency


Temporary luting of provisional and permanent crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays

  • Optimal adhesion and removability
  • Thin film thickness
  • Automatic mixing and direct application


Tray adhesive to ensure optimal retention of VPS materials on metal and plastic trays

  • Promotes the bond of VPS-based impression materials in the impression tray
  • Easy to apply and handle
  • Short setting time after the application
  • Blue color visual control


Definitive cementation of ceramics and tooth-colored restorations

  • Superior materials provide a complete system for veneer cementation
  • Outstanding shade reproduction and shade selection
  • Exact shade match between try-in and cement

Vitique Silane

Conditioning of siliceous ceramic substrates

  • Reliable bond
  • 1:1 mixing ratio
  • Fresh mix for each application based on the two components