Dn Crit Dmg

Increases Critical Damage: Assassin, Machina, Sniper, Acrobat, Tempest, Shooting Star and Gear Master specializations gain 1.75 Critical Damage per point of intelligence. Alchemist, Piercer specializations and Sorceress, Cleric, Kali second specializations gain 3 Critical Damage per point of intelligence. . The crit dmg cap varies with level, similar to other stats (see table below). With a linear relationship, the crit dmg calculation for lv70 is as follows: Crit damage = (200 + crit dmg stats / 2113.37)%. 1 STR = 1.75 crit dmg stats. 1 INT = 1.75 crit dmg stats conversion rate is same for all classes. In other words, 1% additional.

  1. Dn Crit Dmg 2
  2. Dragon Nest M Crit Dmg
  3. Dragon Nest Crit Damage Cap
  4. Dn Crit Dmg Build
  5. Dn Crit Dmg 2017
  6. Dn Crit Dmg Vs
  7. Dn Crit Dmg 1
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A Very Easy Crit RivenRiven Guide S6 6.17

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Dn Crit Dmg 2


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Diz f#$%&r can heal and deals so much damege (don't worry its threat lvl is high but that doesn't mean you can't beat him)


Its because of her miasma it prevents you from dashing what does it mean? Your f#$ked

Idea Behind Diz

The idea behind diz is simple its #dixout4harambe just kidding its that time when i think about her build its just cdr and damage and i was just like what if i try critical riven build my mind was just like ur stupid men i was just like dude diz is perfect we got cdr for essence reaver for every crit and it works well in runic blade my mind was just like dude your right and thats how i get the idea behind this


I just want to point out something here

Dragon Nest M Crit Dmg

For sorcery it deals bonus damage from abilities
For those who is asking y bounty hunter instead of opressor its because opressor deal 2.5 bonus damage for stun slow root etc. Bounty hunter deals 5 bonus damage assume that you kill everyone so 5 is better than 2.5 am i right? And thunderlord for burst and another thing
Y intelligence instead of precision and you there shouting dude its armor penetration its so good for riven aaaaand... Yes its good but not the best and the best is inteligence because it gives you 5 cdr at lvl 1 not like precision that gives you 0.3 armor pene at lvl and at lvl 18 you will get 3 armor penetration and in lvl 18 the enemies armor are 150+ so that means its useless do you understand now?

Dragon Nest Crit Damage Cap


Dn Crit Dmg Build

Nothing special just crit DMG and CDR armor
Crit Dmg.=20% so if you have ie (infinity edge) you have 270% crit dmg pretty neat

Dn Crit Dmg 2017

Armor =9 almost cloth armor that worth 300...coolcool
Cd reduction =7% because of intelligence you'll 12% cdr at lvl 1 its like caulfield cdr yeah

Dn Crit Dmg Vs

Quint of dmg =7 almost like doran blade but no health its still fine men

About Riven

Dn Crit Dmg 1

Riven is a OP Champion That can kill multiple enemies by just button mashing (seriously you can) and you can maximize her by doing this build