Duplicate Cleaner For Mac

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Duplicate Cleaner For Mac

Mac Duplicate Cleaner is a suspicious computer utility software made specifically for Mac systems. It can be installed on the computer even without user’s consent. Attacker usually bundled this rogue program to a number of freeware and shareware currently deployed on the internet. Browser redirects is also used to drive user into promotional website that entices them to install Mac Duplicate Cleaner. Said website will impose various deceiving tricks in convincing visitors to download and install the application.

Once running on the computer, Mac Duplicate Cleaner may run a scan from time-to-time. In order for this program to ploy user into buying the paid version, it will send alerts about certain issues found on the computer. This illusory scheme is commonly used by rogue software to gain profit by selling worthless application.

In general, Mac Duplicate Cleaner is endorsed as a Macintosh utility program with striking features such as duplicate file cleaner, recover drive spaces, organized scattered files, and many more. It appears to be a prominent tool but it is alarming to know that it is affiliated to some PUP’s and Adware, which it uses as a way to spread copy of the program.

As of now, makers of Mac Duplicate Cleaner is promoted and sold without any valid evidence of its effectiveness in optimizing the computer. In fact, there are various copies of this adware that shares the same scheme. Thus, it is still unsafe to trust the computer in the care of Mac Duplicate Cleaner.

If you find it hard to remove Mac Duplicate Cleaner from your device, you can just execute the guide on this page. This complete procedure will help you get rid of this rogue software easily.

Online Security Scanner Report for macduplicatecleaner.com:

Not yet testedCommunity Rating: 0.0Updated: April 12, 2017
Link is safeFeedback: No DataUpdated: April 12, 2017
Currently safeRatings: No DataUpdated: April 12, 2017

Procedures to Remove Mac Duplicate Cleaner

Below is a simple procedure to help you get rid of Mac Duplicate Cleaner from Macintosh system. Procedures on this page are written in a manner that can be easily understand and execute by Mac users.

QuickFix: Instant Removal

Combo Cleaner is a trusted Mac utility application with complete antivirus and optimization features. It is useful in dealing with adware, malware, and PUP’s. Moreover, it can get rid of malicious browser adware that causes annoyances. You may need to purchase full version if you require to maximize its premium features.

1. Download the tool from the following page:

Click here to Download Combo Cleaner (this will open a new window)

2. Double-click the downloaded file.

3. In the opened window, drag and drop the Combo Cleaner icon onto your Applications folder icon.

4. Open your Launchpad and click on the Combo Cleaner icon.

5. Wait until antivirus downloads it's latest virus definition updates and click on “Start Combo Scan“.

6. Free features of Combo Cleaner include Disk Cleaner, Big Files finder, Duplicate files finder, and Uninstaller. To use antivirus and privacy scanner users have to upgrade to a premium version.

Proceed with the rest of the removal steps if you are comfortable in manually removing malicious objects associated with the threat.

Step 1: Quit Mac Duplicate Cleaner Process

Before proceeding with the steps below, please close Mac Duplicate Cleaner window if in case it is open.

1. Go to Launchpad, Utilities folder, open Activity Monitor.

2. Choose All Processes from the upper right corner of the window.

3. Under Process Name column, look for Mac Duplicate Cleaner. Click the name to select the malicious process.

4. Next, click the Quit Process button located in the upper left corner of the window.

5. When prompted, click on Force Quit.

6. You may now delete or remove files that belongs to Mac Duplicate Cleaner. Proceed to the next steps.

Step 2: Delete Malicious Files that have installed Mac Duplicate Cleaner

1. Select and copy the string below to your Clipboard by pressing Command + C on your keyboard.


2. Go to your Finder. From the menu bar please select Go > Go to Folder…

3. Press Command + V on your keyboard to paste the copied string. Press Return to go to the said folder.

4. You will now see a folder named LaunchAgents. Take note of the following files inside the folder:

  • MacDuplicateCleaner.agent
  • MacSpaceReviver.agent

If you cannot find the specified file, please look for any unfamiliar or suspicious entries. It may be the one causing the Mac Duplicate Cleaner to be present on your Mac. Arranging all items to see the most latest ones may also help you identify recently installed unfamiliar files. Please press Option + Command + 4 on your keyboard to arrange the application list in chronological order.

5. Drag all suspicious files that you may find to Trash.

6. Repeat Step 2, numbers 1-5 procedures on the following folder (without ~):


7. Please restart the computer.

8. Open another folder using the same method as above. Copy and Paste the following string to easily locate the folder.

~/Library/Application Support

9. Look for any suspicious items that are similar to the ones in Step2, number 4. Drag them to the Trash.

Cleaner For Mac Free

10. Go to your Finder and open the Applications Folder. Look for subfolders with the following names and drag them to Trash.

  • MacDuplicateCleaner
  • MacSpaceReviver
  • MediaDownloader
  • Software-Updater
  • Genieo

11. Lastly, please Empty your Mac’s Trash bin.

Step 3: Scan the System with Adware Removal Tool for Mac

1. Download Malwarebytes Anti-malware for Mac from this link:

Click here to download MBAM for Mac (this will open a new window)

2. Run Malwarebytes Anti-malware for Mac. It will check for updates and download if most recent version is available. This is necessary in finding recent malware threats including Mac Duplicate Cleaner.

3. If it prompts to close all running web browser, please do so. Thus, we advise you to PRINT this guide for your reference before going offline.

Best Duplicate File Cleaner For Mac

4. Once it opens the user interface, please click on Scan button to start scanning your Mac computer.

5. After the scan, Malwarebytes Anti-malware for Mac will display a list of identified threats, Mac Duplicate Cleaner is surely part of it. Be sure to select all items in the list. Then, click Remove button to clean the computer.

6. You may now restart the computer.

Step 4: Delete Mac Duplicate Cleaner Login Account

Some malware also installs login item into compromised account under System Preferences. This may not be necessary, but if in case you want to delete this unwanted entry, please follow these steps:

1. Go to Apple menu and choose System Preferences.

2. Select Users & Groups from the preferences window.

3. You may need to Unlock this area in order to make changes. Click on the Lock icon on lower left corner of the window.

4. Next, select the user account related to Mac Duplicate Cleaner.

5. To delete Mac Duplicate Cleaner account, click on the minus [-] button and confirm your actions. Please see image below for reference.

FonePaw - Solution - Eraser - Photos Duplicate Cleaner on Mac

Updated on August 17, 2018.

Apple Inc. is really good at making excellent products, one of which is Mac computers entitled according to specs, functions, and appearance like MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro and so on. Running with an exclusive and super MacOS, Mac computers provide users with brilliant experience in the first years.

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Yet, nothing lasts after being used for quite a period of time. That's true of these remarkable machines. You may find your Mac running apparently slower and slower after 1 or 2 years due to dying memory storage. How to speed it up? You can try to remove duplicates of photos on your Mac. If you simply want to delete repeated images, just go on and look up these two methods.

Note: How Much Storage Has Been Taken By Photos on Mac?

How to check to the usages of photos in hard drive space on your Mac? Here you follow this instruction to check it out.

Step 1. Click the Apple Menu in the upper left corner and get down to 'About This Mac'.

Step 2. Now, a window pops up and showing the information of your Mac. Please switch to the 'Storage' tab.

Step 3. It will automatically start calculating the usage, please wait. Then, you can tell how much space the photos take up on your Mac in a direct way.

If you think that the photos are consuming so little storage on your Mac at present that there is no need to clear them up, then you must be totally wrong. An evil seed should be eliminated when growing but not when grown. When there are increasing duplicates squeezing the storage, it's probably too late, for there would be considerable work for you.

Way 1: How to Easily Remove Image Duplicates via MacMaster?

MacMaster is an authentic and intuitive Mac cleaner for you. No more one-after-one deletions, this program enables to quickly scan and display duplicates like Photos, Music, Videos and what you should do is to simply click on the 'Clean' button. Don't believe? Just check out the steps and see how to delete duplicate pictures from your Photos Library on Mac.

Step 1. Launch MacMaster

You can directly download MacMaster via the button above. Then, finish installing it and open the app on 'Launchpad'. Then, you can see the usage of your Mac with a clear look. At the left panel, there list functions like 'System Status', 'Junk Files', 'Clutter', 'Large & Old Files', 'Duplicate Finder' and 'Toolkit'. Please give it a click on the 'Duplicate Finder' tab.

Step 2. Start Scanning Repeated Images on Mac

This is a brief onscreen introduction to this function. Next, please hit the 'Change Path' button and open a folder you want to scan. Then, give it a go with the click on the 'Scan' button. The program will scan out duplicate files like pictures, music, and others according to the name, the size and the date when created.

Step 3. Preview and Remove Duplicate Photos

When the process is done, all duplicates will be shown on the screen. To solely look up duplicates of images, Click on the 'Images' button and you'll see all the duplicate photos displayed.

Duplicate cleaner app for mac

You can select a specific item in the middle and check out the saving path as well as the created date of duplicates. Then, please select the one you want to remove and click 'Clean' to free up the space.


1. You can preview the photos, videos, songs, etc. in the first place avoiding mistaken deletion.

2. Tap the location under the file and copy the path to open the folder immediately.

Way 2: How to Manually Delete Repeated Pictures Using Finder?

In fact, you can look for and remove duplicates on Mac manually. However, it would be a bit cumbersome for the operation is a bit intricate without the help of third-party software. Now, let's see how to make it.

Step 1. Open the 'Finder' window.

Step 2. On the top panel, select 'File' and go with 'New Smart Folder'.

Step 3. Now, a folder shows up. Please click the '+' icon on the right corner as to filter the searching results. The more '+' you add, the more specific results will be found.

Step 4. For example, switch to 'Kind' is 'Image' and 'All'. If you want to sort out images with a certain extension. You can select from 'JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, BMP'.

Step 5.Select unwanted items and 'Move to Trash'.

If Mac's storage is running out, it's a good idea to clean duplicate files. MacMaster can help you quickly locate duplicates and get them cleaned. Also, they're more features waiting for you to discover.

Securely clean up the junk files, big files, unneeded files on your Mac to speed it up.
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