How Is Dmg Calculated Mhw

This mod displays the damage breakdown and DPS of your current team.

  1. How Is Damage Calculation Mhw
  2. How Is Elemental Damage Calculated Mhw

During hunts, this mod displays the percent of total team damage done and the exponential moving average of DPS of each player. After hunts, this mod displays the damage, percent of total team damage, and the overall DPS of each player.

Jan 07, 2019  Elemental and physical damage are calculated separately. So they will both deal the same physical damage so long as sharpness and weapon type are the same. An interesting note is elemental damage does not take motion values into account meaning elemental damage is. In MHW, the Whetstone is a default item that can be reused infinitely. There are also special fish materials, Whetfish Fin and Whetfish Fin+, that can be used like Whetstones. Sharpening a weapon with a fin is faster than using a Whetstone, but the fins cannot be reused infinitely. Whetfish Fin+ has a lower chance of breaking than the regular fin.

Distributed on Nexus Mods.


  1. Run Monster Hunter: World in borderless windowed mode
  2. Run this mod and adjust the position/size of the overlay
  3. Enjoy the hunt!

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How Is Damage Calculation Mhw

The minimum supported version of Visual Studio is 10.0.40219.1 but we recommend using 15.0.28010.2016 or later.


How Is Elemental Damage Calculated Mhw

Original mod by hqvrrsc4. Modified with permission.