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The steps are straight forward: Double click the DMG so it mounts. Open Disk Utility (Utilities Disk Utility). Right click the DMG Mount and select the “Convert” option. Disk Utility – Right click mounted GMD image and choose Convert. In the dialog that now opens, set the “Image Format” to “DVD/CD master” and click “Save“.

I just bought my first MAC G4 Dual 450 from a friend (who bought a new G5). He gave me .dmg files of the panther disks 1-3 and the X code as well. I have now coastered about 10 disks trying to figure out how to burn a bootable CD so I can reinstall Panther to 2 40G disks (internal) instead of the 1 20G disk I got with the machine. I also have a 160G external Firewire disk and a Plextor PX-716 DVD/CDR burner.
I can't seem to get this to work right. I am a Linux user and can burn bootable CD's from image files all day long, but this is just killing me and getting rather expensive.
I have made sure to mount the dmg file for each of the 4 disks, tried just burning a data cd, then burned to an image and burned the image to cd, tried a mac volume, nothing seems to work. Yes I have made sure to hold down the C key after rebooting and putting in the new blank HD's. Also tried to option key to see what bootable device is there and with the 2 new blank HD there is nothing. All I see if I hold down C is a blue screen with a little folder with the MAC picture and then a question mark flashing back and forth.....I am using Roxio Toast Titanium 6.0.3 to try to burn the CD's
Can someone please, please help me so I can use my 2 new 40G HD's?
Thank you VERY much in advance

Apple delivers the macOS installer and applications through the app store since the launch of OS X Lion. The macOS installer has a .app extension when you get it through the official channel. Unlike the macOS DMG installer, which Apple doesn’t provide nowadays, the app version of the macOS install package is not bootable. Hence it is not mountable nor compatible with operating systems like Windows. For some reason, if you want macOS in .DMG or .ISO format, there is a method to convert the .app file. Unfortunately you need a macOS system to convert .app to .dmg to .iso image.

Reasons for converting macOS Mojave or High Sierra .app to .DMG or .ISO

  • The macOS in DMG format let to quickly create Install DVDs and bootable USB installers in a few minutes.
  • When you convert macOS Install .app to ISO format, you may use it for running macOS on Windows PCs (Hackintosh).
  • You can use the DMG file made from the macOS Install app for creating a boot-friendly macOS USB on Windows PC.

Above all, DMG and ISO files are highly portable; it is easy for anyone to upload and transfer them through the Internet.

Convert macOS Installer .APP to .DMG bootable image

The requirement for running macOS, and a USB Pen Drive for converting the Installer application to bootable ISO or DMG image. The step by step process for converting macOS Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, EI Capitan to the bootable .DMG or .ISO is explained below.

  1. First of all, download the full Mac OS installer, and save it in the Applications folder.
  2. Next step is to create a bootable USB installer from macOSÂ Install app. I prefer using the macOS Terminal app to create the bootable USB Installer using commands in the screenshots.
  3. Now, copy the contents of the macOS USB to a new folder and give it a single word name. We are going to make DMG file on Mac from the newly created folder.
  4. Then open the Disk Utility app and then take the “File” menu from the top left corner. Then New Image and Image from folder, and direct the Finder to the macOS file folder.
  5. Choose the image format as Hybrid (HFS+/ISO/UDF).
  6. The system now starts converting the macOS installer .app bootable .DMG file.
The output is a boot-friendly DMG image which you could restore to a USB or DVD drive from Windows or macOS. It is also possible to burn this DMG file to a DVD or USB Pen Drive from Windows PCs using software like Transmac.

Just in case you find any difficulty, check our video on converting macOS .app to bootable .dmg.

How to convert macOS installer to iso format


How To Burn .dmg To Disk File

There are several ways to convert macOS .app to .ISO bootable image. Usually one need to do APP to DMG or CDR conversion before making it an ISO file on Mac. The Disk Utility app in macOS previously had an option that allows you to convert DMG to ISO/CDR. You can use Terminal and third-party apps to convert Mac OS installer to ISO if it is in CDR format.

How To Burn Files To Disc

AnyToISO app capable of converting macOS DMG to iso format. The free version of AnyToISO doesn’t support converting dmg files above 850 MB. Hence, you need to either purchase or download (Search AnyToISO Pro 3.9.0 in Google) the PRO version of this app.

In my experience, converting DMG to ISO with AnytoISO takes a lot of space and resources if you’re on macOS machine. The system shows out of space notification even though you have enough space left in the disk. Therefore, it is better to transfer the DMG files to a Windows machine and use freeware like DMGtoISO or AnyBurn for converting. Check our page on burning DMG on windows for freeware tools supporting DMG to ISO conversion.

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