Increase Shadowstrike Dmg

Damage Increase, or DI, increases the damage you will do on a successful melee, counter-attack melee or ranged hit. It is applied before the targets resist (100% poison damage will still do 0 to a 100% poison resist target).

.Spoilers. after doing thieves guild quests for windhelm I obtained through the Summerset Shadow quest special armor from the rival thieves guild leader, Linwe I think? Anyway, I was able to disenchant his armor and got these 4 perks, in order they increase bow damage, sneak, one handed damage, and stamina but I can't select these enchantments for any item, and I have one of every type. Increased Dmg you add every single 'increased dmg' on gear/passives/gems up and have them altogether as one multiplier. More Damage is a multiplier for itselfs and affects your base damage as well as your 'increased dmg' from gear/passives. So lets say 1000 base dmg and 100% increased dmg from gear and 100% from passives.

Shadowstrike CoH steals 150 hp. Transforms into a Thunderstrike. Hand of Edward the Odd CoH next spell cast is instant. Headmaster's Charge - 20 int. Buff to party. Ironfoe - CoH 2 additional attacks on next swing. Brainhacker - CoH 300 wound dmg and reduces victim's int. Demonfork - transfers 10 hp every 5 sec from victim.

It can be found naturally on weapons and jewellery. It ranges in intensity from 1% - 50% on crafted/imbued weapons, -40% - 100% on reforged/artifact weapons, 1% - 25% on imbued jewellery and 5% - 75% on artifact jewellery. It is capped at 100%, both PvM and PvP.

Shadow strike game

Total Damage Bonus is capped at 300% ( all the above + abilities, spells, buffs )

Grapes of Wrath adds 35% Damage Increase as a temporary bonus, that cannot exceed the 100% cap.

DI on exceptional crafted weapons can be removed with Whetstone of Enervation to become a free slot for imbue. This has to be done before Imbuing.

Bard Mastery Inspire buff gives both a Damage Increase of up to 58% and a Damage Modifier of up to 15% for each party member.

Damage Increase from Skills / Stats

Main article: Damage Calculations

Note that these do not count towards the 300% Damage Bonus cap (posted in Five on Friday - June 1, 2007):

Increase Shadow Strike Dmg 2

Tactics Damage Bonus (Percentage)

  • For Tactics Skill Levels < 100.0
    • Tactics Damage Bonus = Skill Level/1.6
  • For Tactics Skill Levels >= 100.0
    • Tactics Damage Bonus = Skill Level/1.6 + 6.25

Lumberjacking Damage Bonus (Percentage)

  • For Lumberjacking Skill Levels < 100.0
    • Skill Level/5
  • For Lumberjacking Skill Levels = 100.0
    • (Skill Level/5) + 10

Anatomy Damage Bonus (Percentage)

  • For Anatomy Skill Levels < 100.0
    • Anatomy Skill Bonus = Skill Level / 2
  • For Anatomy Skill Levels >= 100.0
    • Anatomy Skill Bonus = (Skill Level / 2) + 5

Strength Damage Bonus (Percentage)

  • For Strength < 100
    • Strength * 0.3
  • For Strength >= 100
    • (Strength * 0.3) + 5


The following resources are required to imbue the highest intensity of Damage Increase (50%):

  • 5 Enchanted Essence
  • 10 Citrine
  • 10 Crystal Shards

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