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Incense Dmg Price Chart

Deleting Shaper and Friends
Five Emblem Legion Solo
Attempt #2
Another attempt at 5 way. Tried my best to find a good time where the servers aren't shit but this is the best I could do :( A lot of rubberbanding and stuttering as you can see but the build works!
Attempt #3
Testing the new patch notes where they 'fixed' the master of metal server issues. Still spiking and Lioneyes is still desyincing everywhere but it's not as bad I guess. Using point blank support instead of the notable for better TS clear speed.
2min First Attempt at Uber Elder
T16 Extremely Safe Beach Mapping
>Insane tankiness for anything other than Uber Elder
>Good monolith and mapping clear speed (not deadeye cold TS speed)
>Looting even when legion generals are still around
>Instantly phase everything
>No Gem Swapping
>Free 8k Shield every 4 Seconds and 25k shield for bossing/monoliths
>67% Phys mitigation without flasks and pantheons
>No evasion (aside from 40% dodge chance for ranged attacks)
>Relatively slow for a TS build
>Bad FPS + Desync due to impale stacks
Path of Building Codes
Current Equipment
Gear used without Farrul
Skill Tree Explanation
Iron reflexes is a must as it's where we gain all of our armour and it makes our gearing very flexible. I try prioritize more evasion over armour since we have more evasion scaling nodes on the tree which is also why we use jade flask over granite.
Some nodes are also very dependent on what kind of jewel you'll have. In my lethal pride setup I had endurance charge generation and atk dmg leech on two nodes I generally wouldn't take (Cloth and Chain / +1 frenzy). The frenzy node basically cost me 1 point because I would've taken me two points to reach the hybrid life/mana leech thus allowing me to only spend 1 point on the mana leech near arrow dancing.
An even more drastic tree difference rather than using lethal pride is an elegant hubris. This allows you to completely ignore getting Farruls if you can find a jewel that can give you power charge on crit and frenzy charge on attack. I recommend avoiding what I did on my no Farrul setup and get a jewel that can be fit in the jewel socket right under the huge life square rather than the duelist cluster. I divined the elegant hubris myself and finding power/frenzy on the same jewel might cost several ex but It will be certainly cheaper than Farrul's Fur.
The Mace and Axe clusters near Point Blank are a definite must. I get 100% accuracy just from those nodes itself. In this build we can't afford to use a high level precision due to our auras.
Pierce is pretty essential for clear. Without it will feel very bad when you're mapping in general since we don't have those nice Herald of Ice explosions. But, it will come at a pretty heft DPS cost. Due to how fork works it basically triples our DPS(assuming the forked projectiles deal the same damage as the original projectile). Whenever our barrage forks it'll split off into two projectiles that'll both hit your main target. But, barrage cannot fork if it has pierced the target and we'll be essentially losing a 3x multiplier after all of the other multipliers which is huge.
To combat this issue you'd need to have gloves OR helmet with an open prefix. It's only 1 divine whenever you want to switch from bossing to mapping which isn't much unless you're swapping a lot for some inane reason. The damage falloff isn't enough to make us do no damage to t16 elder map bosses however so it'll be perfectly fine for those who are t16 mapping.
Mandatory Uniques
The bread and butter weapon for this build. Permanent 30% more dmg when close to enemies since we put points into Iron reflexes. An insane 2 more arrows that gives more damage to both of our skills. This bow might be better than old Chinsol for pure physical build. Bad side is that it is very slow which is why you 100% need to find a source of onslaught in your build. Also more armour, can it get any better?

Believe or not TS is basically unplayable without fork. This is why tornado shot is such a high budget skill. It's because you need so many things like this and a +2 helmet to make the skill feel good. You also might be thinking of switching this quiver when bossing. DONT, I've tested it multiple times and have consulted others. I have concluded that by replacing my rigwald with an additional arrow + crit multi rare quiver and 100% of the times rigwald would do way more damage. I believe that fork is essentially a 2x dmg multiplier because it lets your barrage hit twice on the target when you're up close. Truly a unique worth it's price.
Cheap and who doesn't need more arrows?

With how math works, you will always gain more damage than the dmg loss from min rolls regardless of how it rolls. You gain on average about 17-20% more damage. I try to not base my resistances around belts on most of my builds since I also like to run Bisco's Leash and later on Headhunter once I start farming again.
Not a unique but it's very much mandatory. You're spending 99% of the time mapping in this game unless you're a dedicated bosser and is getting paid for it. TS will not feel good without this enchantment. You can go for +1 if you can't afford +2. The 9% physical damage to enemies is also very easy to craft. You only need to spam a few jagged/pristine fossils and you'll get it unless you're really unlucky.
Optional Gear

Probably the most expensive part of the build and it's completely optional! There is another way to generate power/frenzy as I've had already stated through
Not using farrul also allows you to use this kind of chest
Even more damage if you manage to grab a maim chest which is also still cheaper than Farrul's.

Use Tombfist when you don't have a source of intimidate from jewels and Oskarm if you can't afford to buy a lvl 12 assassin's mark ring. The corrupts are totally optional I just had too much money to splurge. For the abyss slot try to grab chance to blind on hit and onslaught on kill + life of course. The - chaos resist is actually really scary because you can go under -60 so I had to buy a 40+ chaos resistance ring which made doing beyond maps a lot safer.
Basically a 20% more multiplier excluding the added flat phys benefit from champion. I'd say this is your 'chase' item in the build.

I use this mainly for bossing as I like to equip a chaos resistance ring when mapping because I don't need the extra damage there. If you can't afford a good a shaper ring with good health, resistance and assassin's mark then I would skip this item. You better make sure your non shaper rings have at least flat phys on them though.

Due to our low attack speed you might be able to replace brutality or mirage for faster attacks but the attack speed with my boot enchant+onslaught is enough for me.

Faster attacks is technically lower DPS than Increased critical strikes and slower projectiles but having more consistent DPS feels a lot better and lets you have little to no intelligence in your build. I only have intelligence due to a very specific pair of boots I wanted.
If you're using an aspect of the cat glove or boots you NEED to put this in. It'll give you permanent charge uptime and trust me you do not want to constantly hear the charge expiration sounds.

make sure to keep that precision level low cause you really need the mana leeway as bow build. Enlighten will also be helpful if you have enough intelligence.

How to be unkillable in 3.7

Due to limited hotkeys I prefer dash over blink mirror mostly because of how beach is completely flat but if you were to farm somewhere that has a lot of gaps I would definite use faster attacks and blink arrow.
This build has been a blast to create from the ground up. It's tankiness allowed me to pretty much turn my brain off while farming and have 0 risk of dying while also clearing very fast.
I really hope GGG will eventually fix the FPS issues or allow us to turn off impale effects so I can fully enjoy the build. As of right now I'm currently contemplating on making an entirely new character just to map due to how bad it feels to constantly dip in FPS during mapping.
I think that out of all of the TS/Barrage ascendancies being played so far Champion is probably the best fit for this league because of how deadly monolith fights are(mostly maraketh). Evasion, unless you also stack some kind of damage mitigation(trickster) and high life which is hard for ranger starts, you'll eventually get one shotted when mapping whenever that hit lands. That is if you care about dying of course because Deadeye will obviously be the supreme class for fast clearing maps.
Last edited by OrangeLeaf on Jul 5, 2019, 9:15:33 AM
Posted by
on Jun 28, 2019, 2:18:01 AM
Nice build. I will try it next. Dont understand why no comments here.
Posted by
on Jun 29, 2019, 10:15:54 AM
Hey, do you think 10 ex would be enough to start up this build or it will be missing to much stuff ?
Posted by
on Jun 29, 2019, 10:51:07 PM
Hey, do you think 10 ex would be enough to start up this build or it will be missing to much stuff ?

I think any TS build will feel like shit without proper investments. The skill just has a way too high ceiling to make it actually feel good while clearing. Your barrage damage won't be as bad but clearing will just feel awful. Have at least rigwald + +2 TS helmet enchant
Maybe you should find a rain of arrows build and start from there so you can then transition to TS. Rain of arrows should have good synergies from impale as well just doesn't scale as well.
Posted by
on Jun 29, 2019, 11:46:14 PM
I managed to sell a lot of stuff and now sitting on 19 Ex with some stuff still selling.
In priority order what should be my investments from there ?
Posted by
on Jun 30, 2019, 2:56:08 AM
I managed to sell a lot of stuff and now sitting on 19 Ex with some stuff still selling.
In priority order what should be my investments from there ?

>6-links (you can do only 1 6 link for barrage when bossing and switch it around when mapping) Buy a cheap 6link that has 150+ life and 50+ total resistances which will only cost you 2-3 ex.
>Helmet enchant (You can buy a cheap mirrored one for now but you'd want to get a craftable armor or evasion based helmet later on to craft +9 increased physical damage to enemies. Spam Jagged/Pristine fossil)
>Lioneye's fall
>Asassin's mark ring (esp if you dont have any other power charge generation)
Endgame gear would be
>Farruls OR a nicely placed elegant hubris that grant's power charge and frenzy generation using only 6-8 skill tree points.
>Impale Watcher's eye
>Optimized rare gear (3-4 ex per piece) e.g. 40 movement speed boots
You can also use blood rage for frenzy charges while mapping but I hate dealing with the degen while looting but it's better than having no frenzy charges.
Posted by
on Jun 30, 2019, 3:06:59 AM
Posted by
on Jun 30, 2019, 3:10:38 AM
I finally got this build up and running today and it is super fun. I am not getting the desync issues you have, and I think its faster and more damage than my Zerker Cyclone.
Thanks for the build!
Posted by
on Jun 30, 2019, 6:59:28 AM
what would be an easy and reliable way to get end charges generation ?
Posted by
on Jun 30, 2019, 12:06:07 PM
Hey mate, just wondering about your bandit choice and pantheon selection?
Posted by
on Jun 30, 2019, 1:59:19 PM

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Incense Dmg Price Per

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