Install Os X Mavericks Dmg

The main advantage of this method is you can install Mavericks download with exiting startup drive while it is booting. Also, this method doesn’t need much time to complete the installation process. Compatible devices for Mac OS X Mavericks download. Download Mavericks dmg. When the installer is finished downloading it will prompt you to install, just quit as we will be using the installer to build the image. Creating an AutoDMG 10.9 Mavericks Up To Date Image. Launch AutoDMG. Drag in the Mavericks installer. If you can’t find it, do a spotlight search -“Install OS X“.

Os X Mavericks Install Dvd.dmg

Bored of using your OS? Yes, you have the option to install and test or work with Mac or any other operating system. As we had discussed before installing OS X El Capitan or OS X Yosemite and now we’ve covered this guide too. Many people like and want to use Mac on VMware because it’s either much easy nor full of enjoyment to test and work with, as I am testing it so you can too. If you wish to install it on VMware and can’t do it till now, that’s it of getting stuck because now I am here to help you by this guide do it right now, so let’s get started.

Install Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9 on VMware

There are several versions and types of Mac OS X like: Mac OS X El Capitan, OS X Yosemite, OS X Mavericks, OS X Snow Leopard….

Before start installing OS X Mavericks, you need to download and extract the files from followings.

1. After downloading the files, extract them and open unlocker204 and right click on win-install and click Run as Administrator it will start Vmware services.

open win-install with administrator

2. Open VMware and click on Open Virtual Machine(Ctrl+O) and select the OS X Mavericks 10.9 file from the extracted Winrar file. If you don’t have VMware on your computer then click here and install it right now.

3. Now click on Edit Virtual Machine Settings and select Options and select Apple Mac OS X then choose OS X 10.8 from versions. Also on the hardware increase the amount of Ram(2GB or above) for this virtual machine.

Virtual Machine Settings

4. It’s time to start virtual machine so just click on Power on this virtual machine and when the pop appears select I Copied It.

Setting up Mac OS X Mavericks on VMware

1. When the virtual machine booted up successfully, now it’s time to setup Mac OS X Mavericks on Vmware, on this page just select your language and click Continue.

2. Here, you’ve to choose your favorite keyboard layout and click Continue.

Select Your Keyboard

3. On this page, select Don’t transfer any information now and click Continue.

Transfer Information

4. At this point, you sign in with your Apple ID if you want or select Don’t Sign in and click Continue.

Mac os x mavericks install dmg

5. Read the OS X license agreement and click Agree.

Install Os X Mavericks Dmg

Terms & Conditions

6. Ok, now specify your details by filling out them and also you can mark the options below then click Continue.

7. For being updated about product, you’ve to sign in with your iCloud account and click Continue.

Register Your Mac

After continuing, you’ll see the screen and can do or test all the things you want.

Ok, that’s it. I recommend you to ask all your questions from everyone because questioning isn’t a shame but having no knowledge is shame so if you have any question, suggestion or idea then tell us now.

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