Is Mac Cleaner A Virus

Advanced Mac Cleaner IS NOT a Virus! Many people consider Advanced Mac Cleaner a virus, since they cannot remember installing it themselves and it keeps pestering them with offers and pop-ups. This does not make Advanced Mac Cleaner a virus, as the program has not been known to actually cause any problems to the computer. When you are facing problems on your Mac as a result of unwanted scripts and programs such as Mac Viruses, the recommended way of eliminating the threat is by using an anti-malware program. Combo Cleaner offers advanced security features along with other modules that will improve your Mac’s security and protect it in the future. Best Mac clean software 2019 is the total AV anti-virus. It helps in eradicating all viruses, malware, adware, and spyware as it is speedy as well as easy to use and comes with internet security. It helps in eradicating all viruses, malware, adware, and spyware as it is speedy as well as easy to use and comes with internet security. Checking your Mac for viruses. OS X does a pretty good job of stopping viruses and malware from attacking your computer. But there are steps you can take to further protect yourself. Download Malwarebytes for Mac (the free version) and you get a 30-day trial of the premium version with automatic (real-time) virus and malware protection. After 30 days, your trial reverts to a limited disinfection scanner. Buy the premium version now to prevent infection in the first place.

Threat Summary

Sub-type:Potentially Unwanted Program
Damage Level:Low
Reported:December 19, 2016
Updated:February 15, 2019
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Mac Clean Pro is endorsed as a system optimizer that gives Macintosh computer better performance. What you may expect after downloading this tool is a bunch of advertisements that will show up on the browser when you surf the internet. Apart from advertisements, Mac Clean Pro is also labeled as an adware that may steal sensitive data from your computer.

Mac Clean Pro may appear as a practical tool that you may use for cleaning junk files, optimizing applications, and safeguarding online privacy. Unknown to many Mac OS X users, Mac Clean Pro is part of a network that spreads software and this may include potentially unwanted program (PUP). Once installed on the computer, Mac Clean Pro may have significant effect on Safari browser. Ads by Mac Clean Pro will appear on browser’s window and unknown search engine may occupy New Tab or Homepage of Safari and other installed browser.

About Mac Clean Pro (from

Cleaning Mac gets easier and simpler with Mac Clean Pro. Its One-Click Cleaning feature speedily cleans out all junk files and ensures the security of your Mac. All unneeded languages, temporary files, user cache and log files are scanned and removed instantly, releasing ample space on hard drive. It also optimizes applications by removing redundant parts from them, making them perform better. Using this powerful tool saves plenty of time and optimizes your Mac for better performance with just a few simple clicks.


Presence of Mac Clean Pro may mean that computer is threatened with possible malware infection. This may not be the only danger which victims need to address. Mac Clean Pro may also come bundled with other adware and junkware. These additional programs get installed on the system without asking for user’s approval.

With the existence of Mac Clean Pro, browser will display unwanted advertisements. It will also produce certain browser redirect issue occasionally. Furthermore, code embedded on the computer may give Mac Clean Pro some freedom to watch on user’s online activities. It can monitor visited pages, search key words, and other useful online data.


The program may be promoted as valid software but most users didn’t realize is that it belongs to a family of malicious program. Your Mac system can be at risk during the presence of Mac Clean Pro. Security experts suggest the removal of this adware.

Mac Clean Pro Removal Steps

To effectively remove Mac Clean Pro from your computer, please follow the removal procedures as stated below. It is also vital to scan the system with anti-virus, anti-malware, and security tool as presented. Junkware removers we provided on this site are completely free to use.

Force Quit Mac Clean Pro

1. From Apple Menu, choose Force Quit. Alternatively, press and hold down Command + Option + Esc on your keyboard.

2. On the Force Quit Applications window, select Mac Clean Pro and click the Force Quit button.

This method should end any running background process that belongs to unwanted application.

Is Mac Cleaner A Virus Safe

Scan and Remove Mac Clean Pro with Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool

1. Download Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool for Mac from official website. [Download Now]

2. Unzip the file and run it on your Mac system.

3. On the main console, click on Search for Adware.

4. Remove all threats after the scan. If this procedure is not sufficient in getting rid of Mac Clean Pro, please proceed to the next step.

Uninstall Mac Clean Pro browser extension

1. Uninstall Mac Clean Pro extension, add-on, or plug-in from affected browser. This method will remove all malicious codes integrated into the browser.

For Safari Browser

Open Safari browser and select Preferences from the top menu. Then, choose Extensions tab to display all installed third party software. Look for Mac Clean Pro and remove related entry.

For Chrome Browser

Open Google Chrome and select Preferences from the menu. Next, click on the Extensions link which is located on the left side of the window. Once the list shows up, select Mac Clean Pro and uninstall it from the browser.

For Firefox Browser

Open Mozilla Firefox and select Add-ons from the Tools menu. Find Mac Clean Pro from Extensions and Plugins and delete if it is present.

Advanced Mac Cleaner Is It A Virus

2. Once you completed uninstall process of Mac Clean Pro extension, please restart the affected browser.

Delete Mac Clean Pro file manually

1. Go to User library. To do this, go to your Finder and select Go menu. From the list, click on Go to Folder command and input the following string: ~/Library/LaunchAgents

2. Press Return on your keyboard to open the LaunchAgents folder.

3. Inside the said folder, you will see the following files:

Mac Clean Pro.AppRemoval.plist
Mac Clean
Mac Clean Pro.ltvbit.plist
Mac Clean Pro.update.plist

4. Drag them all to your Trash. Empty the Trash Bin and restart the computer.

5. Go to Finder once more and Go to Folder using this string: ~/Library/Application Support

6. Press Return on your keyboard to open the Application Support folder.

7. Once more, find any items with word Mac Clean Pro and put them to your Trash. Please restart the computer.

Is Mac Cleaner A Virus On Mac

8. Lastly, go to your Finder and select Go menu. From the list, click on Applications command. Look for Mac Clean Pro and drag it to Trash.

Scan Again with with Anti-malware Tool

1. Download the most recent version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac. [Download Now]

Mac Virus Cleaner Free

2. Double-click to open the .Dmg file and drag the program onto Applications folder to install.

3. Run the anti-malware tool.

4. Click Scan to start checking the computer for items related to Mac Clean Pro and other malware.

5. After scanning the computer, the tool will issue a list of detected threats.

Is Advanced Mac Cleaner A Virus

6. Click on Remove Selected Items to start deleting all identified threats.