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Jan 14, 2008  The anti-reflective coating on the macbook screen is similar to that on anti-reflective eyeglasses and camera lenses. You can safely use the cleaner on all three, with a clean microfiber cloth. Just be gentle (don't push!) and don't clean if you don't need to. Even the right cleaner can slowly wear away the coating. Macbooks, Mac Minis, and Mac desktops are amazing computing devices made by Apple. However, these aluminum powerhouses are no different than any other personal computer- they accumulate files over the years, run for long periods of time and eventually slow down if not maintained properly. To clean iPhone, unplug all cables and turn off iPhone (press and hold the Sleep/Wake button, and then slide the onscreen slider). Use a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth. Avoid getting moisture in openings. Don’t use window cleaners, household cleaners, aerosol sprays, solvents, alcohol, ammonia, or abrasives to clean iPhone. Disk Utility can fix several disk problems, including the white screen on Mac. That’s why use it to your advantage if the above steps didn’t work. Restart your Mac holding the Command and R keys. Release the keys when you see the Apple logo. Click Disk Utility and then click Continue. Choose the disk you want to repair. Click the First Aid button. Oct 14, 2017  First shut down your computer and unplug the power adapter when cleaning the outside or screen of your MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air. Then use a slightly damp, soft, lint-free cloth to clean the computer. Avoid getting moisture in any openings. Do not spray liquid directly on the computer.

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Helpful Tips on this subjectComputer
  • Plastic and glass cleaners containing ammonia may leave a glare-causing film.
  • Expensive store-bought products contain the same mixture of alcohol and water. Others include Ethylene Glycol. You really do not need all these additions, which may be harmful to your health and to the environment.
  • If you apply too much of the solution and it is drippy or too damp, wipe it off with a soft cloth and apply less.
  • Tissues, napkins, and other paper products will leave flakes of paper on your monitor. It's better to not even try using them. They may even scratch polished surfaces.
  • You don't want mineral spots on your screen, so don't use tap water.
  • Using a 100% cotton cloth or shirt alone, without the alcohol mix, can sometimes produce the same smudge-free results without going to the trouble of mixing your own solution.
  • If you're a photographer, you can use your lint-free lens wipes instead of a soft cotton cloth.
  • If you are looking for a cheap way to get your hands on ready-made cleaning solution, try CD/DVD cleaner, which is often 55% Isopropyl alcohol and is not harmful to most plastic surfaces.
  • Lint free cotton cloth will work best.
  • If you are the owner of a lacquered instrument you can use a dry polishing cloth. You have to use a bit more force with dried on spots, but with smudges it works just fine.
  • If you have lens cleaner for eyeglasses, check the back to see if it contains 'Isopropanol' as it should work just as well, and may already come in the proper spray bottle.
  • I have heard that IBM laptops have a drain built into the sealed keyboard tray. They recommend pouring water in the keyboard to further drain any sticky liquids (coffee, pop, etc) and just letting it air-dry. I dont know about this at all, but if you try it, plan to set time aside to clean your laptop computer so that you will not be rushed and can do a thorough job. Rushing through cleaning your laptop computer will lead to problems and potential for damage to your laptop computer. You should do a complete cleaning of your laptop on a regular basis to keep it running properly.

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  • Another source of lint free cloths is the one that comes with plasma TVs it's the same kind of clother used for lenses and whatnot, for some reason you're not supposed to touch the actual screen and water is only safe but should only be used when necessary, damage will occur otherwise, bottom line the cloth you get is safe for LCDs if you have a glass fronted LCD you have less to worry about though.

Apple has yet to release a MacBook with a touchscreen, yet none of us can ever seem to open the lid of our existing model and not notice a plethora of smudges and fingerprints.

It’s a continuous quandary — you can’t recall ever touching or poking the glass (even if accidentally!), but somehow the prints show up anyways, accompanied by dust specks, streaks, and all kinds of unwanted lint.

A dirty screen doesn’t just look unappealing — it’s also bad for your eyes that have to strain looking through a slightly distorted and cloudy glass at the pixels beneath.

In order to banish blurry screens once and for all, this article will show you some of the best cleaners available on the market and help you decide which is best for you.

Quick Summary

Pressed for time? We understand — here’s a brief overview of the products we recommend.

  • ​Screen Mom Natural Screen Cleaner — Completely odorless and with a plant-based solution, Screen Mom is kind to the glass of your MacBook while removing specks, dust, and prints. Comes in a large 16 oz bottle, you won’t be running out anytime soon.
  • Bryson Screen Cleaner Kit — 16 ounces of fingerprint-eliminating genius and comes with a very large cloth for applying the solution to your screen. Can be used on devices besides your MacBook as well.
  • EcoMoist Natural Organic Screen Cleaner — If you need something safe and portable, you’ll be covered with this 50mL powerhouse. It’s safe for kids or pets and will clean your screen without streaking or residue. Includes a microfiber cloth.

Who Should Get This?

Unless you’re some kind of electronics superhuman, we all watch the dust and dirt slowly collected on the screens of our MacBooks (and iPhones, and TVs, and iPads… basically anything with a glass panel and pixels).

Everyone will benefit from having a screen cleaner on hand in the office, at home, or on the go to remove annoying smudges from the otherwise pristine screen.

You won’t have to worry about your two years old who pokes the glass when he’s excited or the coworker who sneezed when they walked by, and you’ll also give your eyes a break from sorting through all that nasty and distorting residue. A screen cleaner is an all-around champion when it comes to helping your laptop live its best life.

Buying a Screen Cleaner: What to Look For?

Volume & Value

When buying a cleaner, make sure to consider exactly how much you plan to purchase. While a larger product may seem like the most logical choice, it’s a waste if you plan to only clean a single screen once a week — the solution will expire before you ever make it to the bottom of the bottle! In addition, if you plan on taking the solution with you, a larger bottle is going to make transportation difficult. On the other hand, if you plan to clean multiple laptops or other screens or only keep it in one place, you should be perfectly fine looking at larger models.


Are your toddler’s fingerprints your biggest problem, or does your screen just seem to collect dust like a magnet? Generalized products are usually pretty effective, but certain products are formulated to address specific issues, and you might be better served by looking for one of these. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure the spray doesn’t have too many special instructions to follow, and that if it does you are able to carry them out without much trouble.

Kit Components

Most kits will come with a cloth of some kind to apply the spray, but if you’re buying a refill bottle or just the cleaner, it may not — so make sure you have something at home that will give you that streak-free finish. Always check to see if a kit comes with any extras such as an extra cloth.

The Best Screen Cleaner for MacBook in 2019: Top Picks

Note that all the cleaning items listed below are chosen based on the criteria above (plus our own personal preferences). They are not however intended to rank in this order.

1. Screen Mom Natural Screen Cleaner

If your laptop might as well be your baby, then this screen cleaner kit is the best choice. The kit includes a large bottle of spray and a microfiber cloth for wiping it on the screen. It’s also useful for more than your MacBook and is great for TVs or iPhones — which is useful since the 16oz bottle is much more than you’ll ever need for just your MacBook.

  • Pros: Streak-free solution will have your screen looking brand new in no time at all. The included microfiber cloth is large and easy to use, and the bottle includes 16 oz of cleaning spray. Odorless solution is plant based and natural.
  • Cons: None. You can’t go wrong with this cleaner’s versatility and value.

2. Bryson Screen Cleaner Kit

Are fingerprints your biggest gripe? Maybe you can’t stand microfiber and much prefer the smooth material of an eyeglass cloth. Planning to clean things besides your MacBook? Regardless of your situation, Bryson’s Screen Cleaner Kit comes through. The 16 oz bottle will last you ages, the no-spill trigger keeps things clean, and the special formula works to remove fingerprints once and for all.

  • Pros: Large 16 oz bottle won’t run out anytime soon, and the cloth it comes with is very large at about 15″ x 15″ (not microfiber). Streak-free and ready to work, this cleaner is specially made to attack fingerprints and make sure they don’t come back.
  • Cons: Known to have an unpleasant smell that may linger for a bit after you use it.

3. EcoMoist Natural Organic Screen Cleaner

Small in stature but mighty in power, the EcoMoist screen cleaner kills germs and removes grease in no time. The bottle is fairly small, but this means it will pack well into your laptop case or bag for spur of the moment cleaning needs. Spray bottle depresses vertically rather than with a handle like some other models.

  • Pros: Friendly to the environment and to your screen, the ingredients in EcoMoist won’t cause any harm or spur an allergic reaction. Great if you have children or pets in the vicinity on a regular basis. The small, slim bottle is incredibly portable and comes with the microfiber cloth wrapped around it.
  • Cons: The 50 mL bottle will run out of juice faster than larger competitors and may, therefore, decrease its value.

Additional Tips & Resources

The screen isn’t the only part of your laptop that collects dirt, dust, and oils. The keyboard is also a common victim of crumbs and dirt, while the exterior of your laptop takes the brunt of the force from the environment.

You can address these problems by purchasing a keyboard skin or a hardshell case for when you’re on the go, or a MacBook sleeve to keep your laptop in good shape while you aren’t using it.

Mac Computer Screen Cleaner Animals

But sooner or later, the dust is going to sneak its way in — so how do you clean your MacBook then? This all-encompassing article from CNET will show you exactly what it takes to deep clean your computer and have it looking good as new in no time.

Screen Cleaners For Computers

If you just want to focus on cleaning the screen properly, most of the products we’ve mentioned will come with their own instructions for use. But you can also reference this DigitalTrends guide to using different types of cleaning methods on your screen if you’re ever in doubt.

Mac Computer Screen Cleaner Wipes

Last but not least, make sure to check out Apple’s tips and tricks for taking care of the amazing products they’ve produced.

Final Words

Best Computer Screen Cleaner For Mac

Dirty screens begone! Everyone can use a screen cleaner to reduce eye strain and keep their laptop in the best possible shape. A clean display is a refreshing change, and can really breathe some life back into your computer.

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Do you have a preferred brand of cleaner? Drop a message and let us know.