Oblivion Dmg Glyph Eso

Name & IconLevel of ItemGlyph EffectMaterials Needed
Trifling Glyph of Decrease Health1 - 104144474954Jode + Okoma
Inferior Glyph of Decrease Health5 - 154851555863Porade + Okoma
Petty Glyph of Decrease Health10 - 205760656874Jera + Okoma
Slight Glyph of Decrease Health15 - 256669758087Jejora + Okoma
Minor Glyph of Decrease Health20 - 3077818893100Jayde + Okoma
Lesser Glyph of Decrease Health25 - 359094102108117Edode + Okoma
Moderate Glyph of Decrease Health30 - 40103109118124134Pojode + Okoma
Average Glyph of Decrease Health35 - 45120126135144156Rekude + Okoma
Strong Glyph of Decrease Health40 - 50137145157165178Hade + Okoma
Major Glyph of Decrease HealthChampion 10-30159166180190207Denara + Okoma
Greater Glyph of Decrease HealthChampion 30-50181192208217236Pode + Okoma
Grand Glyph of Decrease HealthChampion 50-70210219237252273Kedeko + Okoma
Splendid Glyph of Decrease HealthChampion 70-100239253274287311Rede + Okoma
Monumental Glyph of Decrease HealthChampion 100-150314333360377408Kude + Okoma
Superb Glyph of Decrease HealthChampion 150361378410433470Jehade + Okoma
Truly Superb Glyph of Decrease HealthChampion 160411435471494535Itade + Okoma
Glyph of Absorb Health ♦ Glyph of Absorb Magicka ♦ Glyph of Absorb Stamina ♦ Glyph of Crushing ♦ Glyph of Decrease Physical Harm ♦ Glyph of Decrease Spell Harm ♦ Glyph of Disease Resist ♦ Glyph of Flame Resist ♦ Glyph of Foulness ♦ Glyph of Frost ♦ Glyph of Frost Resist ♦ Glyph of Hardening ♦ Glyph of Health ♦ Glyph of Health Regen ♦ Glyph of Increase Magical Harm ♦ Glyph of Increase Physical Harm ♦ Glyph of Magicka ♦ Glyph of Magicka Regen ♦ Glyph of Poison ♦ Glyph of Poison Resist ♦ Glyph of Potion Boost ♦ Glyph of Potion Speed ♦ Glyph of Prismatic Defense ♦ Glyph of Prismatic Onslaught ♦ Glyph of Reduce Feat Cost ♦ Glyph of Reduce Spell Cost ♦ Glyph of Shielding ♦ Glyph of Shock ♦ Glyph of Shock Resist ♦ Glyph of Stamina ♦ Glyph of Stamina Recovery ♦ Glyph of Weakening ♦ Glyph of Weapon Damage
Solid DPS build based on Fire Spells and DoT

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Dragonknight Class

Oblivion Dmg Glyph Eso

Build Overview

  • I've tried Knight Slayer + Torug's in PvP on my magblade with oblivion damage enchant. Honestly, it felt slightly underwhelming after the oblivion nerfs. If you're fighting players under 30k hp (i.e., the majority of players), you're better off running a different set, such as Queen's Elegance (my personal recommendation as an alternative).
  • A weapon with a Glyph of Decrease Health enchantment, made with a subtractive potency rune and Okoma, will deal Oblivion Damage. The Knight Slayer set deals additional Oblivion Damage when you hit an enemy a Light or Heavy Attack. The Shield Breaker set deals Oblivion Damage when you attack an enemy with a Damage Shield with a Light or Heavy Attack.

Dragonknight is a fearsome warrior who unleashes his wrath in melee range. Dragonknight class has a very unique and versatile set of abilities, making it exceptionally fun to play, and offering diversity in different builds' composition. Dragonknights have a wide arsenal of Fire and DoT spells at their disposal, which can be used to build a Stamina-based melee character or a powerful Magicka spell-caster. With the latter being the subject of this guide. The recommended Races for this build are Breton, Altmer, and Dark Elf. This build ranks #7 on our DPS Tier list. Click here to check it out.

In the items section, we have included both the BiS (best in the slot) sets, as well as, optional items which will be much easier to obtain for more casual players and still yield good results.

Pros Cons
Good single-target and AoE DPS Difficult and tricky rotation which is hard to master
Flexible skillsets which let Magicka Dragonknight perform well in all types of encounters Slower leveling because of limited solo capabilities
Good self-sustain and self-healing Mediocre maximum DPS in its current form
Solid defenses thanks to Magicka shield

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I think Berserker is an old glyph that used the Okori stone which used to only give weapon damage buff for a few seconds. Now the Okori stone is used to make a 'glyph of weapon damage' which actually grants weapon damage and spell damage for 5 seconds. It's probably the best glyph for a DPS character, magic or stamina based.

Attributes Priority

  1. Magicka -your primary Attribute when playing a Magicka Dragonknight. You should put all points into Magicka and disregard everything else
  1. Health - increases your Health, and may come in handy during the leveling phase. If you decide to assign some points in Health early on, remember to have them refunded later on when you start relying on Magicka Shield for your defenses
  1. Stamina - ignore Stamina completely

Primary Skillset
[Inferno Staff - primary rotation and DoT]

Burning Embers (Dragonknight: Ardent Flame, morphed from Searing Strike) - a solid single-target DoT with self-healing based on the damage dealt
Engulfing Flames (Dragonknight: Ardent Flame, morphed from Fiery Breath) - one of the best spells in the game, which increases all Fire damage taken by your target by 10%. This spell provides insane group utility
Flame Lash (Dragonknight: Arden Flame, morphed from Lava Whip) - your primary spammable source of damage. It will deal increased damage to enemies which are Off Balance. Flame Lash provides very solid self-healing as well
Harness Magicka (Armor: Light Armor, morphed from Annulment) - a defensive spell which surrounds you with a Magicka shield that will absorb some of the incoming damage. Absorbing damage also restores some of your Magicka
Inner Light (Guild: Mages Guild, morphed from Magelight) - used as a passive buff which increases your maximum Magicka and Spell Critical rating
Ultimate: Elemental Rage (Weapon: Destruction Staff, morphed from Elemental Storm) - potent AoE Spell which deals elemental damage to enemies in a big area

Eso Oblivion Damage Glyph Pvp

Secondary Skillset
[Lightning or Fire Staff - buffs and DoT]

Elemental Blockade (Weapon: Destruction Staff, morphed from Wall of Elements) - one of the best DPS skills at your disposal, both for single-target and area damage. It also puts enemies Off Balance which lets you use Flame Lash without its' Magicka cost
Eruption (Dragonknight: Earthen Heart, morphed from Ash Cloud)- a powerful AoE spell that deals high damage over time. It is also a very decent AoE slow
Flames of Oblivion (Dragonknight: Flames of Oblivion) - a very nice and convenient single-target spell which will be cast at the nearest enemy every 5 seconds for 15 seconds. Cast it every time you switch your skill bars
Channeled Acceleration (Guild: Psijic Order, morphed from Accelerate) - potent 36-second buff which increases your Movement Speed and Critical Damage. Make sure you get the timing right to benefit from its' bonuses for as long as possible
Inner Light (Guild: Mages Guild, morphed from Magelight) - again, used mainly for the passive buff
Ultimate: Standard of Might (Dragonknight: Ardent Flame, morphed from Dragonknight Standard) - one of the best Ultimates in the game. While active, it will increase all your damage by 12%, reduce damage taken by 12%, and deal very high DoT for 25 seconds

Notable Passive Skills

Below you will find the most important Passive Skills for this build. Racial Passives will not be included
World in Ruin (Dragonknight: Ardent Flame) - increases your Flame damage
Battle Roar (Dragonknight: Earthen Heart) - helps you restore Health, Stamina, and Magicka whenever you use the Ultimate ability
Searing Heat (Dragonknight: Ardent Flame) - increases the damage and duration of Fiery Breath, Searing Strike, and Dragonknight Standard abilities
Combustion (Dragonknight: Ardent Flame) - increases your DoT and helps you regenerate Magicka
Iron Skin (Dragonknight: Draconic Power) - you block 10% more damage
Scaled Armor (Dragonknight: Draconic Power) - greatly increases your Spell Resistance
Concentration (Armor: Light Armor) - grants additional Spell Penetration
Evocation (Armor: Light Armor) - increases your maximum Magicka and reduces Magicka cost of all spells for each piece of Light Armor equipped
Spell Warding (Armor: Light Armor) - increases your Spell Resistance
Prodigy (Armor: Light Armor) - increases your Spell Critical rating for each piece of Light Armor equipped
Concentrated Barrier (Guild: Psijic Order) - if you have a Psijic's Guild ability socketed, it grants a protective barrier after you block an attack and
Constitution (Armor: Heavy Armor) - increases your Health recovery, and makes you recover some of your Magicka whenever you are hit
Penetrating Magic (Weapon: Destruction Staff) - increases Spell Penetration
Ancient Knowledge (Weapon: Destruction Staff) - Passively adds powerful bonuses depending on the type of staff that you are wielding


Recommended Items and Sets:
Chest: Silks of the Sun
Type: LightTrait: DivineGlyph: Health
Legs: Silks of the Sun
Gloves: LightTrait: DivineGlyph: Magicka
Gloves: Silks of the Sun
Type: LightTrait: DivineGlyph: Magicka
Boots: Silks of the Sun
Type: LightTrait: DivineGlyph: Magicka
Belt: Silks of the Sun
Type: LightTrait: DivineGlyph: Magicka
Head: Grothdarr Monster Set
Type: HeavyTrait: DivineGlyph: Magicka
Shoulder: Grothdarr Monster Set
Type: MediumTrait: DivineGlyph: Magicka
Necklace: Burning Spellweave
Type: LightTrait: ArcaneGlyph: Spell Damage
Ring 1: Burning Spellweave
Type: LightTrait: ArcaneGlyph: Spell Damage
Ring 2: Burning Spellweave
Type: LightTrait: ArcaneGlyph: Spell Damage
Weapon 1: Burning Spellweave
Type: LightningTrait: PreciseGlyph: Fire
Weapon 2: The Maelstrom's Inferno Staff
Type: FireTrait: InfusedGlyph: Absorb Magic
Sets used in this build:

Silks of the Sun: a very powerful Set for Fire-based spell-casters. It is a non-Trial set which can be obtained in Stonefalls in the Overland content. Silks of the Sun is bound on equip, which makes it possible to be found on the Guild Traders

This set grants the following bonuses:

  1. (2 items) Adds 1206 Max Health
  2. (3 items) Adds 1096 Max Magicka
  3. (4 items) Adds 129 Spell Damage
  4. (5 items) Adds 400 Spell Damage to your Flame Damage abilities

Grothdarr Monster Set: this Set is a guaranteed drop from veteran mode Boss in Vaults of Madness located in Coldharbour. It's the best pick for this Dragonknight build because of high Magicka bonus and AoE damage over time effect it provides

  1. (1 item) Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka
  2. (2 items) When you deal damage, you have a 10% chance create lava pools that swirl around you, dealing 1800 Flame Damage to all enemies within 8 meters of you every 1 second for 5 seconds. This effect can occur once every 10 seconds

Burning Spellweave: our recommended choice for this build. It is bound on equip making it easier to acquire. It can be found bossed and mini-bosses in City of Ash dungeon.

  1. (2 items) Adds 1096 Max Magicka
  2. (3 items) Adds 129 Spell Damage
  3. (4 items) Adds 833 Spell Critical
  4. (5 items) When you deal damage with a Flame Damage ability, you have a 15% chance to apply the burning status effect to the enemy and increase your Spell Damage by 525 for 8 seconds. This effect can occur once every 12 seconds

Maelstrom Set - a single piece set which can be obtained from the veteran Maelstrom Arena. It grants:

  1. (1 item) Your Light and Heavy Attacks deal an additional 1341 damage to enemies in your Wall of Elements
Alternative sets:

Perfect Mantle of Siroria - the best possible Set for this build, however, it can be only obtained from Trials making it harder to get for beginners. You can replace Silks of the Sun with it if you decide to go that path. It can be obtained in Cloudrest Mini-Trial and each part is bound on pickup.

  1. (2 items) 129 Spell Damage
  2. (3 items) Gain Minor Slayer at all times, increasing your damage done to Dungeon and Trial Monsters by 5%
  3. (4 items) 1096 Maximum Magicka
  4. (5 items) Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka & Direct damage with single target abilities creates a ring of fire beneath you for 10 seconds. Standing in the ring grants 30 Spell Damage, this effect can stack up to 20 times for a total of 600 Spell Damage

Champion Points

High priority
The Lover: Arcanist
The Steed: Ironclad
Medium priority
The Ritual: Thaumaturge
The Attronarch: Master at Arms
The Apprentice: Elemental Expert, Elfborn
The Shadow: Tumbling, Shadow Ward
The Lower: Tenacity
The Tower: Warlord
The Lady: Hardy, Elemental Defender, Thick Skinned
The Steed: Spell Shield
Low priority
The Attronach: Staff Expert
The Apprentice: Spell Erosion

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This is the premiere version of our Magicka Dragonknight Pocket Build for Elder Scrolls Online. If you would like to see more detailed information added let us know in the comments below. We may try to add customization options for certain encounters and alternative gear options if you may find that useful.

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Bethesda Softworks