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Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. In order of your questions listed. Bullets do different amounts of damage based mainly on bullet size and speed of said bullet exiting said gun. Strongest rifle is the AKM while the rest of the rifles do slightly less. Snipers have different dmg per gun, SMG's do same dmg but different fire rate, pistols each do different dmg.

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PUBG Mobile Review, Main Features, Gameplay and Video

PUBG Mobile is a mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground which is a multiplayer survival shooter that originally appeared on consoles. Many expected that the mobile version would be a watered version of the original however it plays even better in many ways.


The goal in PUBG Mobile is simple: kill everyone else while not getting killed to become the last man standing. On each map, 100 players are air-dropped onto a remote island where they are forced to gather resources and go on murder sprees- the perfect game anybody who likes a good battle royale.

A great part about this game is how every decision you make will have an impact on your performance. For example, you can decide to leave the plane early or late depending on whether you want to distance yourself from other players from the off-set or land on an area of the map with a good vantage point. Jumping in right of the center of the map will drop you right into the thick of things.

The tension mounts while you watch other players descend onto the map and the mad dash for resources and weapons starts the second you touch down.

One of the only drawbacks to playing on a mobile device rather than a console is the controls. Shooting is done by tapping one of the very many on-screen buttons that will help you scavenge, switch items and loot crates.

For portable and lighter version of PUBG Mobile – check here.

In the console version it is wiser to move around with a touch of stealth but mobile games aren’t designed to make you think too hard therefore the best strategy in PUBG is to just blast through the map shooting at anything that moves faster than a tortoise.

Whether this is because the other players find it more difficult to aim on a mobile device or because most of your opponents are bots is hard to say.

The Good

In a pleasant twist to freemium mobile gaming, PUBG Mobile has close to no options for buying any upgrades or weapons which give you a meaningful advantage in combat and there are very few advertisements.

Mobile versions are also usually a dumbed version of the originals but PUBG for Mobile gives you the full experience of the console version. The only difference is a slightly less impressive graphics but they are still good for a mobile game.

The Bad

The controls can be a hassle to work with because the developers tried to get all the same mechanics from the console. This means that the screen is littered with buttons and it is too easy to press the wrong button by accident which could easily cause an unfortunate death.


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PUBG Mobile is a brilliant technical achievement for the world of mobile gaming. It is a stable and well-functioning version of the console game that is difficult to differentiate from the original. The controls will annoy you for a bit but the fact that its a portable iteration of a fun console game will make up for that.

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