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This tier list shows our selection of the top Shadowverse decks you can use to compete with to maximize the chances of winning. These decks are ranked according to their consistency and power level. Ahaha yes its confusing, but that magical dmg, its towards Magic class mobs. The gems/options, that say undead, beast, magic etc. Are dmg bonnuses towards those mobs( undead, magic bla bla). In this Mu legend, it seams they only got 1 type of dmg attack hope they fix it, cause its confusing i guess. May 27, 2014  I am having the data lets say for seven elements and I am ploting it using a loop in a single figure. But in these seven elements someof the elements contain nothing and then the plot for that is. Damage from autoattacks benefits from the attack damage stat on the attacker and are reduced by armor on the target. When autoattacking a turret, the damage is based on the base attack damage added to either the bonus attack damage or 40% of a champion's ability power, depending on which one is higher. For some reason Wiki is confusing me.

This is a list of the frequently asked questions for Legends of Andor.


List of game FAQs

Legends of Andor

Q: Can the witch's potion and the helmet be combined?
A: No

Q: Herb clarifications

  • When you use an herb in combat, you use and discard it just after having rolled your dice, like the witch's potion.
  • It works for one combat turn only
  • When you use the herb while fighting the mad gor in legend 3, the herb does not boost the gor.

Q: Can the shield of any player be used after they finished their day to avoid negative event cards?
Can you block bad event cards when the 'new day' event card is drawn?

A: Yes, you are allowed to use the shield, allthough there is a rule that says it's not allowed to use the items when your time-marker is already on the sunrise-field. But it meant just, that you cannot use the items when you have already ended your day and the others are still 'awake'. When the eventcard has to be read, then all players are on the sunrise-field, it's a new day, and you might use the shield. So the shield can block the beginning of round event card but not a player activated event card when the shield holder is not awake.

Q: Does the wizard lose his ability to turn combat dice when using the black dice from the runes (the archer can only roll once using the black.

A: No. The wizard doesn't lose his ability. He can use his ability even for the black die. By the way, the archer doesn't lose his ablity, too. He just chooses the black die instead of the green ones. Because there is only one black die, he rolls it just one time.

Q: Can the wizard use a bow to attack from an adjacent field while keeping his ability to turn a dice (possibly combined with the black dice)?

Shadow Legends How To Tell How Much Dmg An Attack Does A Car

A: Yes, he can use his ability even with a bow.

Q: Can the Archer on HIS turn invite another hero to combat who stands on the enemys space?
Example: It is the archers turn. He is ADJACENT to a Gor enemy.
The Dwarf is in the same space as the Gor.
Now, can the Archer invite the Dwarf for team combat?

A: Yes

Q: According to the official english rules (FFG) you can pick up and drop Farmer tokens DURING movement without having to stop.

A: Yes. In gameplay it just felt wrong, when you had to walk to a farmer - stop - wait until next turn - and then move on. So farmers are a bit different to other tokens.

Q: When a destiny card says you have to defeat an enemy alone, it means singlehanded, no princly support?

A: Yes.

Q: As the three runestones and the witches brew all have to go on the square space on the players board, there is no doubling of the black die?

A: Yes.

Q:The event: 'A blind frenzy seizes the monsters. Move the monster who occupies the highest-numbered space to move 1 space.' does not include the tower skral in Legend 2?

A: Yes.

Q: Flipping a die with the mage in group combat. How is it handled?
A: After a hero has rolled his dice, the wizard decides if he wants to flip a die of this roll. He can flip only one die in a combat round. A flipped die can be combined with a helmet.

Q: When a character ends his move on a well space, the activation of the Well is mandatory (like the fog)?

A: No. It's your decision if you want to activate the well. And you are right, the fog must be activated if you end your movement on it.

Q: Can the telescope be used over the river ?

A: No. The telescope can only be used to reveal tokens in adjacent fields, not over the river.
But it is possible to use the telescope from field 16 to reveal a token on field 48. Because of the bridge, these fields are adjacent to each other.

Q: Can I use the telescope multiple times?

A: Yes, you may use the telescope as many times per turn as you like. But remember: You always have to stop to do so.

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Q: Where do I find more FAQs?

RAID: Shadow Legends is a turn-based “hero collector” game by Plarium, a company that’s behind a number of high-profile games such as Throne: Kingdom of War and Vikings: War of Clans to name a few. The very moment you enter RAID: Shadow Legends you know that it’s not a simplistic title with pixelated graphics and rudimentary gameplay, but a graphically high-end and thought-through product featuring balanced mechanics and a well-crafted game world reminding only the newest of triple-A titles.

In RAID: Shadow Legends you become a leader of a team of heroes with a goal of venturing into dungeons, combat different kind of enemies and vanquish the bosses that you will stumble upon pretty often on your perilous path. To do so, you will need to pay a high attention to keeping your heroes strong and efficient by levelling and gearing them up.

For some, the gameplay may seem rather straightforward, but in case you need a helping hand, we’ve prepared for you a set of tips and tricks perfectly fit for those who just begin their journey in RAID: Shadow Legends. Below you can find our RAID: Shadow Legends tips, cheats and strategies. So without further ado, let’s delve into the basics of this fresh and amazing game!

1. Briefly On The Mechanics

Those of you who may not really know what’s a “hero collector” game about, the answer is pretty much simple. In a game like this, your goal is to collect, level, gear and command heroes onto their victories. Just like in the majority of RPGs, in RAID: Shadow Legends you will find melee, ranged and casting classes. Each of them has a particular set of skills meant to deal damage and debuffs to your enemies, others, however, will buff and heal members your team.

Apart from a number of different modes, including campaign mode and dungeon mode where you can collect loot for your characters, the game is divided on the management stage and battle stage. In the management stage, you can decide where to direct your heroes. You can also increase their capabilities by gearing them up, levelling and increasing their ranks and combat value. In the battle stage, as the name may suggest, your task is to command your characters in battles, choose the skills for them to fire, explore and clear out the dungeons from the enemies.

2. Colours Matter

While to this point in RAID: Shadow Legends looks like nothing super revolutionary, here we come to the so-called “colour system”. Starting with the basics, the green bar above the hero’s head indicates its current HP level and the yellow bar shows whether it is able to perform an attack or not. Once the yellow bar is filled, a unit will have its turn and will be able to act. The bar will fill up as the battle progresses. But there’s more to that.

Each of your characters is assigned to one of the following colour patterns: green, red or blue. Just like in rock-paper-scissors game, each of these colours is effective or not against one another. Green is effective against red, red beats blue and blue wins against green. Once the colour of your unit is suitable against the enemy colour, it will gain an additional bonus to damage and reduction of the incoming damage.

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In order to gain advantage on the field of battle, it’s worth to keep in mind these colours, but it’s not super necessary to memorise them, since every time you target an enemy with one of your characters, an arrow will appear upon his or her head, indicating whether an attack will end successfully or not. A green arrow shows that an attack will be delivered successfully, yellow shows a mediocre success and red means that the attack will be rather weak.

3. Choose Your Champions Wisely

As the genre of the game suggests, the main focus of RAID: Shadow Legends are your champions, each different from the other in terms of the role, active and passive skills and also visual aesthetics. In order to successfully improve your characters’ combat capabilities, you will need to level and gear them up. Before you do it though you will need to learn their roles and know how to maximise their potential. It’s best to read descriptions first and learn the purpose of each and every hero on the field.

Every champion is assigned to 1 out of 4 different roles in the game: Attack, Defense, Support and HP. Attack champions are best damage dealers, Defense champions protect your team members with defensive buffs, Support heroes bestow buffs upon their allies and lay debuffs on their enemies, and HP champions can be best described as healers. The role of your champion can be easily checked at the top-right corner of the champion’s menu.

At the beginning of the game you can choose 1 from 4 rare champions, including Athel (buffer), Galek (melee dps and debuffer), Elhain (single and aoe dps) and Kael (damage over time). As you progress, the number of heroes you can control will increase to 5 as maximum. Make sure to make a well-thought choice when choosing your team, since most likely the character you will pick for your main hero will stay with you until the late game and can become a great asset to your party if managed properly.

To get your champions, you have to go to the main screen of the game and find a summoning portal from which you will be able to get your heroes. Bear in mind that every champion requires from you a certain kind and a number of special shards, including mystery, ancient, void and sacred. The higher quality your shard is, the more advanced hero you will get in return.

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As a beginner, you have to remember that balancing your team is key to success. This is why your group of champions should consist not only of Attackers and Defenders, but also of Healers and Buffers/Debuffers. If you decide to add to your team only damage dealers, at the early stage of the game you may be just fine, but the further you go, the more challenging your opponents will become. To deal with them, you will need a balanced team, consisting of healers that will keep the HP of your champions high. It’s also worth considering to add buffers and debuffers that will boost your champions during battles or weaken your enemies. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your setup of heroes, and choose the one that will fit your needs.

4. Improve Your Skills

In order to properly upgrade the skills of your champions, you will need to understand what is “scaling” in the game. Every time you decide to upgrade your hero, he or she will have a specific stat that will scale up along with the skill that increases. Remember, however, that every champion has only one or at best two specific stats that will fall to that category, so if you don’t want to waste your upgrades for a stat that your hero won’t profit from, make sure to carefully read characters’ descriptions and pay attention to “primary stats”.

Remember that scaling occurs completely randomly. The developers of the game did not provide their customers with clear ratios, so you have to rely on random number generator system, also known in the gaming community as “rng”. Don’t be afraid to test things out by yourself though, since only that way you will find a setup that will fit you best.

Similarly to the majority of other RPGs, in RAID: Shadow Legends your heroes have single and multiple (aoe) target skills, and that falls to all kind of performances, including damaging, healing, buffing and debuffing. Some of your champions will have a special “Aura Skill” that permanently affects all the allies or enemies on the field. You can easily check whether your champion possesses an area-of-effect skill of this kind, by going to the top-right corner of your hero’s portrait.

To improve the skills of your champions, you will need to get as many Tomes as possible. There are several ways to get them. First of them, is by simply logging to the game, second is by progressing through the game, and the third is by performing a number of challenges within the game. As you can see, there are not too many means from which you can get the Tomes, so make sure not to waste them.

5. Upgrade Your Champions

To make your champions more effective in battle, you have to level them up and improve their ranks. There are two ways to do so in the game. One is leading them through the levels, exploring dungeons and defeating bosses. The more successful your team will be in the instance, the more points of experience its members will get and in the process, the sooner you will be able to upgrade them. The other way, however, is by sacrificing low-level champions in the tavern option.

Mind that the champion that will reach its maximum poll of experience won’t be able to gain more, unless you will rank him or her up. To do so, you have to go to the tavern option, tap “update rank” and choose a champion you want to rank. But here, the process of improving your champions’ ranks doesn’t end. If you choose, you can “ascend” your champions by providing them with special ascend potions which you can get by exploring dungeons. This feature, however, is best recommended for those who can handle the mechanics of the game pretty good. Besides, in the early game, you will gain much more of experience by levelling and ranking your champions.

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6. Use The Right Gear

Before you will learn how to properly assign the gear to your heroes, keep in mind that every piece of gear is considered in 3 different aspects, such as main stats, sub stats and set bonuses.

The main stats are the ones that should concern you the most, since their values grow with every upgrade you perform. It’s important to note here that weapon (attack), helmets (HP) and shields (defence) have fixed main stats in oppose to other parts of the gear. Contrariwise, gloves, chest, boots, accessories, rings, amulets and banners can feature different main stats.

Your parts of equipment also have secondary stats which can be upgraded on certain item level thresholds of 4, 8, 12 and 16. Each of them is highly dependent on the quality of your item, so if you want to maximise their potential, make sure to read through them before making a choice of performing an upgrade. Remember that upgrading your secondary stats is also completely random, so everything depends on the whims of the “rng god” that will decide whether you are given with 3 good sub stats, or 2 satisfactory and 1 awful with the latter having all 3 possible upgrades. This is the moment you know that the luck was definitely not in your favour.

When it comes to the set bonuses, you want to follow a simple pattern of how to upgrade multiple parts of your gear to make them work better together. Your choice, however, has to go along with the needs of your characters. We will try to describe in short which set stats you should choose for which of the characters’ roles.

When upgrading your attacker, you want to make sure that he or she will have a high damage base number and crit damage chance. Also, it’s worth to equip your attacking champion with boots that rely on a speed as their main stats, so he or she will attack before the enemy does. The only problem with that set is that your champion will probably be super squishy and will die quicker than more sturdy team members.

As it comes to defenders, most common setup would be three defence stats along with crit dmg or defence boost applied to gloves, defence boost on chest and speed on boots. The general rule for defenders is to make them sturdier than other classes for the cost of damage and HP.

HP champions rely on similar stats as defence heroes, with the exception of using equipment parts that boost their HP not defence. A good way to go is stacking HP on chest, gloves and, as usual, adding speed to boots in order to increase the chance for attack.


As to supporters, the thing is not so straightforward though. The role of champions that fall into that category can be described either as buffers or debuffers. You want to make them as fast as possible so they can apply buffs and debuffs before the enemies do that.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with a number of different options. After all, the game encourages players to try their own builds and make them see how they fit your playstyle!

And that would be all for our RAID: Shadow Legends beginners’ guide. This fresh gem by Plarium is a perfect example of how free-to-play games released on iOS and Android evolve over time not only in regards to graphics but also to gameplay. We hope that some of these tips and tricks will help you take your first steps in RAID: Shadow Legends, and if you happen to have some useful hints yourself, don’t be afraid to let us know about them in the comment box below.