Wot Dmg Mod

A very useful mod for World of tanks 1.2 - panel damage to WOT. Recently, more and more players resort to the procedure of changing the default decisions the game client on more advanced options - the damage panel not the exception. After long contemplation of a standard interface client World of tanks sooner or later become boring. World of Tanks Progetto M40 mod. 65 is an Italian tier 10 medium tank. In 1969, the Italian military delegation visited Germany to discuss the purchase of Leopard tanks. However, not all members of.

Mods are add-ons that make the game easier and more comfortable. You must install them by yourself or use packs with installer, like Aslain.

1 Hit Log - It shows information who shot you, with what ammunition type and when will he reload. Information that you are shot with gold ammunition (very expensive, with far greater armor penetration) is especially helpful, you know then that chances of receiving damage greatly increases.

2 Info Panel - basic vehicle information after moving your pointer at him. Even if you know all vehicles parameters, thanks to this panel you will know which gun does your enemy have installed. The red information is very helpful, it shows enemy reload time. It tells you how much time you have after enemy shoot for riding out, shooting and hiding back.


3 Damage Indicator - shows direction from which you were shot, even if enemy vehicle isn't discovered. In red hits with penetration, in gray without.

4 XVM side panel - presents enemy skills with colors

5 Modified map - show vehicles name. The drawing range (tanks outside the red frame are unseen - the game engine doesn't show them but you can hit them with blind shoot). White line shows the direction of your camera. Orange circle shows the theoretical vision range. Small white field around your tank shows 50m circle in which every tank is always spotted. Most important thing - with a faded red color the last known position of enemy tanks is marked.

6 Tank marker - left yellow digit - vehicle tier. Two middle digits - percentage of health points left. Two digits at sides - player level - XVM. Color of those digits change depending on player skills. Lower right corner - white digits - amount of battles played by enemy with that tank. Tank name above. A star near tank name means stock turret - probably a weaker gun. Markers work similar for allied vehicles, except player name added and the lack of digits showing the amount of battles played.

The current time and modules repair time in the damage panel is shown thanks to this mod pack as well.

XVM - it's a modification that shows player skills. It's a very useful tool that allows you to predict with great precise what can you except of your enemy and your ally. Additionally, before every battle it shows chances for winning and after it a thorough debriefing.

For XVM to work properly you must activate it for free at XVM site by login in with your World of Tanks login. There you will be able to change the way it works as well.

XVM player categories. Players are shown in game with colors. There are various parameters that estimates skills. Those are the most popular: WN8, WN6, WN7 and EFF. Each player is automatically judged based on his actions in those categories. Based on his score, he is in the bracket with a specific color. There are differences in all parameters mentioned above, but usually player gets the same color in all indicators.


  • Red (this is from where the tomato term originates) - a very weak player. You can expect everything from him, including riding backwards, through the middle of the map and that he will be shooting at birds on the sky.
  • Orange - weak player
  • Yellow - average player
  • Green - good player
  • Blue - very good player
  • Purple - master

When watching at player color, you must take in consideration amount of victories, number of frags (killed enemies) per battle and the ratio of damage dealt to own HP as well.



Skins add colors to the tank and a marker showing the placement of modules an crew.

  • Red - weakspots - spots easy to penetrate
  • Blue - fuel tanks - chance for getting tank on fire
  • Purple - ammo racks - chance for damaging the ammunition rack and a small chance for blowing the tank
  • Green - engine - chance for damaging the engine
  • Yellow - crew seat - a chance for hurting the crew member

Wto Dmg Mori Holders

Additionally, there is a mod in the pack that adds a second line of slots for tanks shown in the garage, which is useful when you have more of them.