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Rift Warrior Mighty Paragon Build Guide by seppy

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Mighty Paragon Guide 2.2 61 Paragon/ 13 Riftblade/ 2 Tempest

I was actually disappointed with wukong abilities, i thought it would be a cool op frame So heres My suggestion to replace some wukong abilities. #1: IRON JAB replaced with HEAVENS SWEEP Wukong extend his staff and perform a 180 degree sweep, causing all enemies in range CARRIED ALONG by the s. Strategy guide for champion Wukong build up by the League of Legends community. Get help from real players for playing Wukong to win. With the bonus disappearing once he stops spinning. Wukong cannot attack or use other abilities while Cyclone is on, but he can deactivate it at any time. After using an ability, the next basic attack.

Table of contents:

First words:
1.1 – Introduction
1.2 – FAQ

2.1 – Spec
2.2 – Skill Explanation
2.3 – Macros
2.4 – Toggle Buffs
2.5 – Gear
2.6 – Core items/Essences

Rotations Cycles/Explanations:
3.1 – Single Target Rotation Cycle
3.2 – Another rotation
3.3 – Monitor
3.4 – Parses
3.5 – Where to use

Last words
4.1 – Credits

1.1 – Introduction:

Firstly, i dont consider myself much of a theorycrafter or something. From the early 2012 though, when i decided to play Rift, i always followed the top builds from Val’s RW to Steelwind and Shun. Paragon was my favourite soul. Since the last hotfix (8), i puted the effort to parse as high as i could. So, 13rb/2Temp parsed for me slighlty better than 10/5 variation, and to be honest theres no big difference, unless someone is extreme min-maxer. Please feel free to post questions, feedback or contact me.

1.2 – FAQ:

Q: What is the best parsing Single Target DPS Spec?
A: If done correctly, this spec will parse the highest (some fights being an exception).

Q: What is the best parsing AOE DPS Spec?
A: 61 Paragon is a pure single target spec. Best parsing AOE DPS spec is 61 Champion.

Q: What crystal should i use and what if i have 2/4 or 3/4 set?
A: Paragon crystal obviously and the rotation is same. Be prepared for 400 dps or more loss.

Q: Is it a hard spec?
A: It isnt recommended for new players but if will put the effort and practice alot it will pay off.

Q: Too many skills/buttons, the fk?
A: I dont use many macro’s, but i will provide some of them to help out.

Q: Why to play Paragon when i have my Riftblade which does everything?
A: Noone forces anyone to “use” specific spec. If you feel Rb is more fun, go for it.

Q: Should I keep Rising Waterfall on its own key or can use it in the same Macro with other skills and how much DPS will I lose from doing this?
A: RW can be macro’ed with any skill you like. No DPS loss.

Q: What to do if disconnect?
A: Learn the fight. If it has small disconnects, you have flamespear/Shock pulse/Sli/3 finishers. If ranged prefered, use Riftblade or Tempest.

Q: Boss casts blind/boss casts red **** on the ground, how i get back to the fight without loosing the rotation?
A: Use your brain, learn the rotation, have your eyes open, use Karuul.

Q: Energy issues?
A: yes there are, thats why you have Flurry, which is a dps loss. If you wont use Flurry often, Dps is even higher.

Q: VoJ or not?
A: Hard to answer, in my guild we never run Voj. It could help the dps with the energy it gives, no idea how much.

Q: Crit Power or not?
A: Paragon loves CP, stack as much as you can.

Q: What if remove Reaping Harvest totally and use only FB/IB?
A: I would not recommend it cause its more energy starved, also SB+reaping hurts alot more.

Q: Fliching? why?
A: Free dps when you have enough energy. NOT recommended when a fight needs interupt.

Q: 10rb/5tempest vs 13rb/2tempest rotations are same?
A: Yes

2.1 – 61 Paragon/ 13 Riftblade/ 2 Tempest

Build: http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#2gG4/3kllayGGGli/Vq

2.2 – Skill Explanations

RW= Rising Waterfall. Follow up skill. No cooldown.
SS=Swift Strike. procs RW and Weapon Familiarity. No cooldown
Flich=Fliching Strike. Interupts.Ogcd. Also used to boost dps at certain times. CD 8 sec.
DT=Death Touch. Procs RW and paragon crystal. CD 30 sec.
SP= Shock Pulse. Procs RW and Amped. No cooldown
FS= Flamespear. 15 sec Dot. Procs RW. CD 4sec.
OtS= Open the stream. Follow up skill. Usually used after Seting Moon. No cooldown.
SM= Setting Moon. +20% dmg to follow ups for 15 sec. No cooldown.
SLI=Strike like Iron.Finisher. Flat % dmg increase for 1min. No cooldown.
SB= Shifting Blades.Finisher. Increases the dmg of next 3 attacks. No cooldown.
RH= Reaping Harvest. Finisher. No cooldown.
FB= Fiery Burst. Finisher. CD 15 sec.
IB= Icy Burst.Finisher. No cooldown.
TtT= Thread the trees. Charge.
CF=Combat Focus. Gives 3 attack points.CD 30 sec.
Fy= Flurry. 6 channel. used to replenish energy. CD 30 sec.
FiB= Fibal Blessing. Follow up skill. Used instead of RW when enemy <30%. Hits harder than RW>
Skyfall= Ranged finisher. No cooldown.

2.3 – Macros:

The macros i use:

Burst Macro:
#show Fiery Burst
cast Fiery Burst
cast Icy Burst

FiB Macro:
#show Final Blessing
cast Final Blessing
cast Rising Waterfall

Fliching Macro:
#show Final Blessing
cast Fliching Strike
cast Final Blessing
cast Rising Waterfall

Rest own key.

Macros used by friends (Ervun):

“Setting Moon/Open the Stream:

#show Setting Moon
cast Open the Stream
cast Setting Moon

Flame Spear

#show Flamespear
cast Final Blessing
cast Rising Waterfall
cast Flamespear

Reaping Harvest (Could be on it’s own too this is just to cram aoe in. Also can add Shield of Will in if you don’t consider a 4k shield to be worth micromanaging but it hurts power stability.)

#show Reaping Harvest
cast [shift] Sweeping Blades
cast Reaping Harvest
cast Turn the Blade

Combat Focus/Death Touch (Works just fine as long as you don’t fire the other thing by accident, in other words don’t continue spamming it after you get the wanted result. If you do you’ll fire DT after RH or 1 point RH after DT.)

#show Combat Focus
cast Combat Focus
cast Reaping Harvest
cast Death Touch

Shifting Blades and Strike Like Iron on their own. Also got Death Touch on it’s own just in case I want to use it over combat focus + rh for some reason, as the macro makes it so cf/rh is used first if CF is ready. ”

Macros used by friends(Dementic):

#show open the stream
cast Open the Stream
cast setting moon

^Do not put shifting blades in there because it costs less than Open the Stream and will clip at low energy.

#show Rising Waterfall (Can be whatever)
cast Final Blessing
cast Rising Waterfall
cast reaping harvest
cast swift strike
cast shock pulse

#show Combat Focus
cast Combat Focus
cast reaping harvest

#show Shifting Blades
cast Final Blessing
cast Rising Waterfall
cast shifting blades
cast reaping harvest
cast flamespear
cast death touch

1-2-3-1 to get off death touch. This saves a key but requires further muscle memory.

The macros look weird but they all work.”

2.4 – Toggle Buffs:

Alacrity= reduces global cooldown by 0.5 sec. Reduces power cost of abilities by 30%.
Way of The River= increases Physical crit 3%.
Way of The Wind= adds dmg to follow up attacks.
Unleashed= up to 5 stacks. each stack attack power and wepon contribution by 3%.
Stoem Blade=Ticks Air dmg
Avatar of the Wind= +3% dodge +10% movment speed
Focus of the Body= +70 str
Enhanced Conductivity= +2% non physical dmg from hits for 15 sec.

2.5 – Gear

2.6 – Core Items/Essences

Well, this isnt D3 or some sort, but some items will really help you to this.
A) Crafted Chest/Neck/Rings/Pants/Helm with Stellar Barbaric Augment (CP+AP)
B) Drops
http://www.riftscene.com/database/it…unholy-frenzy/ from EE1
http://www.rifthead.com/item/9AECF2D…rs-warstompers from EE1
http://www.rifthead.com/item/A3D297E…s-of-frostbite from FT1

These 3 drops are relative easy to get and are best in slot even above relics.

C) Essences suggested
http://www.rifthead.com/item/8F88A3E…owing-ebonseed from DRR life
http://www.rifthead.com/item/9FCB918…ckest-ebonseed from DRR life
http://www.rifthead.com/item/8C88BAE…rkers-lifewood from Lycini reputation
Also Death’s Bane essence from Torvan reputation

3.1 – Single Target Rotation Cycle:

In my mind, have it divided into 2 cycles. “Burst” and “proc” cycle.

Opening (whatever the ap at this point): SP>Charge>(rw)>SLI

DT*>RW (fliching>RW)> FB

Bursts: SP>RW>IB
(after the IB above, you can use full Flurry if energy ~15-20 which skipp the 2 ss>rw>ib below)

Procs: SM>OtS>SB
(after FB you can use full Flurry if energy ~15-20 which skipp the 3 ss>rw>ib below)

Bursts: SS>RW>IB
repeat procs>bursts>procs>bursts


1. I parsed with fervor and still, starvation is there,so use full flurry. DPS will go a bit down, but will rise again when u start spaming these buttons with 100 energy again.
2. Use flurry only when: FB is up, FS is up, SP is up and ofc when SB is on cd. We need SB up 100% of time.
3. Flaws and rest: SP falling off when DT(proc)>RW>FB.
4. Super fast rotation.
5. *= SB procs meaning added dmg to those skills.
6. SLI can be refreshed by replacing it with a random IB. Use Karuul for it.
7. Originally, fliching used anywhere, but due to the fact that FB doesnt line up perfectly (for about 1 second), especially in the “DT” cycle, its better to be used there. (dt>rw>flich>rw>fb). now, some times, i use fliching again on the:”CF” cycle, but kinda dont like it, cause of often low on energypush back the rotation etc.

Wukong Abilities Basic Or Ability Dmg Paragob

If on interupt duty or “too many buttons fk it”, ignore the fliching thingy. 3 options

a) keep an eye on that fb when its abt to fall off, and if its lined up (lags etc) proceed as usual. if its not lined up, w8 for 1 sec and tap fb when rdy.

b) proceed as usual ignoring FB. if its still on cd, u will fire IB and loose some scald and 1-2 fb ticks. next cycle fb will be rdy.FB and IB’s are close to each other. DPS loss, but not thaaat much.

c) Replace 1 ib for 1 RH could save that second. not tested. (By Mhaze)

3.2 – Another Rotation

Provided by Kryoz:

Part 1:

(SLI) Shock Pulse>Rising Waterfall (Fliching Strike>Rising Waterfall)>Fiery Burst
Setting Moon>Open The Stream>Shifting Blades
Flame Spear> Rising Waterfall>Reaping Harvest
Death touch>Rising Waterfall> Icy burst
Swift Strike> Rising Waterfall> Icy burst
Swift Strike> Rising Waterfall> Icy burst


Part 2:

Shock Pulse> Rising Waterfall (Fliching Strike>Rising Waterfall)> Fiery Burst
Setting Moon> Open The Stream> Shifting Blades
Flame Spear> Rising Waterfall> Reaping Harvest
(Combat Focus)> Reaping Harvest>Flurry>

Part 1>Part 2> Part 1> Part 2

I strongly recommend to replace Flurry with SS>RW>IB x3, when you have high energy.

1) 100% Shock Pulse up
2) SLI drops off while in flurry
3) the FB and IB’s are pretty far from each other, so missing that FB will hurt alot more.
Use fliching on SP>RW>flich>RW>FB
if on interupt etc, better soution is to w8 and touch nothing until FB is rdy to go
Replace 1 ib for 1 RH could save that second. not tested. (By Mhaze)

3.3 – Monitor

Karuul is your friend. Use to track SLI, FS, Amped, and whatever else u need.

Code (from Kryoz):

DuYZzzj1329nmFH0995NikNVs7OVFuTAVYSEYH0bVMi5EQUvMq 7TKMlHFOQNLhghvwO71g2el9PL
D7tvdTh50r/1lrxtrpl0n3UGbo3J7bbyz06gar63ZHzZtOzGMMaMIsoTOA4Zg RfW5ru7nGVwiBgF
kpZK+i2p7brpr4Gj5QbDrbS5KGJcFxDmlCU0QXi39qJVrZu2Nc sdLvMAmKX4H7K13+qSij/Pjzv1
D9NscPqsNYhKnGcq5iCuWrmUQLKMH3cq5ij+UHK1Bj7YBCaMw+ zsLsKF4OfkVIl9GZSLfqSigVXK
44rHx0h2V/+P/20wuCl5kBclLAEhSoHA9XsmmscNB+n1z7gdt5NwFjyWB8TtK8l 3JUyhwG+W9te3
zgtRL3GQYa9RqC7XqQffB9E4e1f7Qz33w1LmEEJYSyrJ0Hui2B OR/uEUw5yXKz27yr6h/nRUagcI

1) /kalert
2) Click the “File” tab
3) Import Set
4) Copy Paste the code
5) Edit Layout

I included everything but Combat Focus and Flurry because those should definitely be visible on the bar.

3.4 – Parses

14.887k 61/13/2 ACT parse

with no consu at all, live server, live gear, only fervor with my rotation.

video of the same 61/13/2

21.5k ACT parse 61/13/2 PTS full consumables and raid buffs at dummy fountry,live gear

21k ACT parse with 61/13/2 PTS full consu with Dementic rotation

20.9k ACT parse PTS using 61paragon/10 riftblade/5 tempest, PTS, live gear,full consu

24.4k ACT Goloch parse 61/13/2

3.5 – Where to use

Wukong Abilities Basic Or Ability Dmg Paragon 7

61Paragon can be used, in fights that dont include adds. I prefer:
10 man–> All of them
FT–> Gelidra(if not on adds etc)
–> Zaviel (if no interupt duty)
EE–> Kain ( if u have rb fellow warriors)
–> Goloch

Wukong Abilities Basic Or Ability Dmg Paragon 10

4.1 – Credits

Wukong Abilities Basic Or Ability Dmg Paragon 3

– Ervun ( for the macros and feedback)
– Ureast ( you have a relic man! wake up!)
– Plaza
– Mio
– Kryoz ( thnx m8)
– Mhaze
– Big thnx to Pines/Shun/Stellwind/Intrin/Val/Rizaz/Killian/Sharogy/Rain, all these helped me alot to become good warrior. (thru their guides and posts)
– Sry if i forgot some1

I guess thats about all i can think at the moment. Have fun with parses and kills.